Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, trains and no cheese

So I see that my US friends on the east are battling with all that snow!!!

Seriously, it looks so gorgeous!

And I'd really not mind being snowed in for about 3 - 4 days to catch up on lazing and house stuff.

It's obviously blazing hot over here and I've been eternally grateful for airconned offices.

Especially since I've been working in Pta for 2 days now. Tomorrow will be my 3rd and final day.

It's been great. I'm obviously still under all the work pressures but you have NO IDEA how divine it is to work with nice people and just work.... and not have a micromanager on your back every two minutes.

I've done really good work and will finish it all off tomorrow.

The Gautrain has been... interesting. I discovered we are a lot more like the British than I thought... as in nobody talking to one another, etc. People looked at me like I'm supposed to know all the ins and outs when I asked them a question.

I have enjoyed reading my ipad (Happier at Home, if you must know) on the train so yesterday got in 30 mins on the way home, and today an hour total.

Best of all, I feel like I've conquered the world. I really hate a long commute (why do you think I have "within 30 mins from home" on all my prayer lists?!) and now I know I can get up an hour earlier (still later than you, Louisa!) and be at work (in PTA!) by 8. Madness but I can do it.

Just because I wrote something positive doesn't mean anything's changed. Keep praying for me. thanks :)

Tonight I googled "non-cheesy Valentine's for husbands" and there was nothing. I actually googled the same thing the other day on Pinterest and there's not much of the non-cheesy variety.

So I'm going to have to be creative!

I may or may not share, depending on the success of whatever I come up with :)

Are you enjoying your weather?

I'm ready for a bit of cooler weather....D reminded me that this is officially the last month of summer...

PS Louisa and any other single parents reading, I see you :)


  1. I have a hate hate relationship with summer and it still has not changed. Give me any other season but summer. The heat gets to me. I find it weird when people say they love summer but complain about the heat!

    As a regular train user I have to tell you most people (me included ) use it as a time to reflect and think of the day ahead in the mornings and in the evenings wind down time. Occasionally I will strike up a conversation with someone but 90% of the time you will find me catching up on mails or reading.

    Valentine's day I'm totally clueless but I do know it is one of the days we would definitely not be caught in a restaurant. Hope creative idea is a success.

  2. I am glad that your time in P town is a bit or a reprieve on the usual. H does sometimes chat on the train but mostly with people from school or church that also commutes at the same time every day. I guess its the repeat thing. But alos works or reads a lot.

  3. Marcia, you are going to make me have a little cry here behind my desk. Thank you.

    Hahaha...I don't mind getting up at silly-o-clock. I think I'll have to admit to being some sort of morning person? I don't mind getting up at 3 or 4, but I prefer that no one tries to speak to me in the first two hours that I'm awake. It's the only quiet time I get...and I MUST have it!

    Good luck with your V-day surprise! Super curious now to know what it is obviously.

  4. I am so glad that you had a nice experience working in PTA with no micromanger. Sounds as if you were very productive. I can understand why it was so nice for you to be able to read on the Gautrain, as I know how much you love reading.
    I am not complaining about the hot weather at all. Since losing the weight, I have to say that I am NOT hot at all. It's kind of nice this hot weather. Sorry, being obese for so long and sweating all over the place, now it's a pleasure this hot weather.
    I hope you do share the Valentines thing with us. I am getting Woolworths chocolate mouse cupcakes for tonight. Have champagne in fridge since January already. Just chilling.
    Have a good evening

  5. No I am HATING the weather! HATING IT! I was hoping once baby came out I would be cooler - I AM NOT :( And now I have the added stress of worrying if she is too hot. ARGH!

    We are early risers here - always have been but then I am asleep by 9h00 :-p

  6. Hmm in this heat snow would be lovely!!!

    We are weighing up the option of the Gautrain vs travelling to work by car, which is very difficult as hubby is in Bryanston and me in will see...

    Glad you had a bit of a break from the nasties at work. Will keep praying for you xx

  7. We have had blazing hot days in PE...and NO wind. Since yesterday afternoon it has been raining softly. Love the cooler weather.

  8. WAY TOO HOT here in CT. We're going to the beach in a bit. I am actually ready for cooler weather. Was telling Mrs FF that it's only the beach swims that make summer a little bit bearable for me. Otherwise, I'm not that interested in it. I used to travel by train when I worked in the CBD and I LOVED it. Mainly because I got in a good hour of reading every single day (30 minutes up and 30 minutes back). Am thinking now of that day when I was on the Gautrain. My Mom called me and we chatted for a bit, then she told me something funny and I laughed and laughed and it got louder and louder. Everyone stared. Awesome that you got to spend time with some cool people! It really can make all the difference in the world.

  9. Why am I so surprised you do V-Day?
    I spare you my thoughts on our weather as they are calling for more tonight and Tuesday...

  10. I love the hot weather.. already feeling sad that 5am is still PITCH BLACK.. first signs of the change in season. We don't really do Valentines day..I make a big deal for the kids and that's about it!


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