Sunday, February 16, 2014

This week's iphone photo dump and Project Instagram

Clockwise from left to right:

  1. Monday's outfit
  2. Horrible mosquito bites
  3. Tuesday's outfit
  4. Outside the pause area
  5. Gautrain station
  6. Office I worked at W - F
  7. Famous whiteboards
  8. Wednesday's outfit
  9. The bookcase I intended to tackle this afternoon til I saw the state of the kids' cupboards (and once I see a mess, I can't unsee it)
  10. Leaving Pta one day
  11. Bedtime stories
  12. Tomatoes that tasted as good as they looked
  13. Valentine's clothes for school and little presents for the kids
  14. Kendra is a monkey. She climbs up to get her own water (apparently we're too slow)
  15. Gorgeous day yesterday
  16. Colouring in at kids' church this morning
Do the mosquitos eat you too? I'm the only one here who gets bitten so badly.

The lovely folks brought me another Epson printer to try out. Since I'm up to date (well aside from this year), I decided to first start with last year's instagrams.

I have this bright idea to print out about instagrams on A4 and then cut them down to the normal 10 X 15 so I can still put them in a normal photo album.

So I'm messing around in Picasa trying to get the right number of photos so when I cut them up they still look good.

(the program says I have 881 photos - can that be? I'm going to have to whittle those down!)

Did anyone ever figure out a good (cheap) way to print their Instagrams?


  1. I used this company- and have been really happy with them.
    I don't know how they are with shipping out of the US though.

  2. I just print a few for Project life and pop them in Cathy Zelske's Instagram frames that make them normal sizes photos - if you want to know more give me a shout. (You need Photoshop).

    Love the scarves thing - certainly your style now

  3. everyone is jumping on the 250g bandwagon - their instagram pics look amazing but not sure what the cost is. I have also have the Cathy Zelske's instagram frame that i use. I stick them into my PL x

  4. I have had the fan on me for months now so the mozzies leave me but they love Kiara - doesn't matter what she does - the plug ins, spray, roll on, cream - they chomp here.

    I checked the 250g prices and they actually aren't bad but then they are all printed polaroid style which you may not want for all of them.

    Isn't Pretoria just lovely :)))

  5. The mozzies are driving me up the bloody wall. And they seem to only attack myself and Ethan so the hubster has no issues with them at all :-( Last night, we didn't realise that we had one peaceful sleep mat left. Of course, Ethan takes preference so we tried to reuse a half used one. FAIL!! Spent most of the night scratching and waving haphazardly in the air in an attempt to keep them away. Fortunately (or unfortunately?!), Ethan had such a bad night that I eventually slept through the buzzing from sheer exhaustion!! Mats are at the top of the list on today's shopping list to buy especially after I woke up this morning and found three mozzies just chilling on the ceiling...arrggghhhhh.

  6. I don't really do this don't apply to me.xx

  7. Love your scarves and LOVE that neat colouring in, in the last pic!


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