Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday's bits and bobs, sleep and apps to track annual goals

This week at work it's our annual conference (postponed from last year due to internal structural changes).

I felt immensely sad yesterday because I feel like I can't immerse myself fully in these things (as I would have before...). Also, no surprise but I actually have work (lots of it) I'm supposed to be doing between sessions. Yes...

But today was great. In this morning's session, I actually started crying and had to blink blink blink to not let the tears actually spill.

I need to bring my whole self to work again, not leave 70% of me in the basement when I park my car. And I literally do that - I switch off the car, leave the praise and worship playing and pray, give myself a pep talk and almost put on my work armour before exiting, getting my laptop bag and wheeling it up to my desk.

I am who I am and I need to stop feeling less than.

So we'll see. But I need to be a bit more brave and hopefully the whole world won't come crashing down.

Have I mentioned I got the house wi-fi'd? Best decision ever! Why in the world did I wait so long?

I'm downloading apps like crazy....

Speaking of apps, I started using the sleep time app to track my sleep as I suspected I wasn't getting enough. I really like 8 hours a night. Which I get on the weekend as you can see.

It's one thing to switch off the computer, another to finish the "last minute" things that are somehow surprises every night (hello packing lunch!) and then to actually stop reading and SLEEP!

There's a free version which I used first (it only stores the 5 most recent nights) and then I paid R8 for the paid version so it can store ALL my data - I can't wait to see some nice trends (there's the nerdy side coming out to play).

So here's what I'm looking for - maybe my googling skills aren't up to much but I can't seem to find exactly what I want.

I want an app where I can put in my annual goals - like Read 70 books, work out 120 times, go on 25 dates with D, 12 fun family adventures, try 25 new recipes.

I seem to only find things that insist on daily or weekly/ monthly tracking.

And I really don't like having to input a whole story before it lets you track. I literally want to type those little sentences above...

I've downloaded about 6 - 8 and deleted them all (I don't like clutter on my phone... except photo clutter :)). Some I even paid for but I don't mind these small amounts - my goals are more important than R8/ R16.

Do any of you use a goals app that you can recommend?


  1. I don't use goal apps at all. I do need 8 hours or more of sleep per night...any less and the dreaded fibromyalgia pain creeps up on me. I have not stopped praying into your work situation...just focus on shining.

  2. Yes my friend, yo can be brave. I know.

    Do tell me when you find and app that works for you

    At the moment I am very tired- my sore shoulder is keeping me up at night

  3. How does the sleep app work???

  4. Haha, I think a sleep app would actually make me sleep less! Marcia, you would not believe the crap I have put up with this week at secret place...yesterday I nipped it in the butt. I hope. Well you'd have to be pretty stupid to have a go at me after the scene I made yesterday. We'll see how it goes today. ;-)

  5. I like that you pray before you get out of the car. I understand why you do it but I want more people to start praying. We all need it, every single day.
    Thank you for your comment on my post yesterday. I am glad that you found some strength in it yesterday. If you want to talk, whatsapp aren't far.

  6. Thank GOD we have our GOD! What would we do without that morning pump/pep talk? Even in the valley, He is there strengthening us.. sterkte my friend!!
    I don't understand how you stay up so late.. I would LOVE to, but by 9pm/9h30pm, I HAVE to go to bed or else fall asleep wherever I am!

  7. I have actually tried to find an app like that - I can't find one either. I have downloaded a lot - I would pay for one but how do you know until you get it?

    As for work - the conference looks like its been fun :)

  8. HI Marcia. Just want to drop by and say hi. Love you blog and have been reading it for a while. I have been following your work story and my heart goes out to you. I will drop you a email with a book you must get...... it might just (and I think will) answer all your questions regarding your work situation. I am also a Christian and it is a book by TD Jakes. Lots of love and hugs. Bernie. Ps Just don't have it on me now.


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