Sunday, March 02, 2014

And just like that, it's autumn.

It's like someone flipped a switch in the heavens because yesterday was the 1st and while it technically is autumn, it's actually been autumn weather.

Totally fine with me of course because D and I both LOVE the cooler weather.

I cooked Korean beef yesterday, made soup today and I think we're prepared for the week.

I have been quite the energiser bunny this weekend with regards to all my photos.

Truth is, the pile of to-dos from January was driving me nuts.

I've finished my Instagram book (that's the topic of another blog post), last week I did Project Life for Jan, I sat today and whittled those nearly 500 starred Ballito photos down to 120. They're all printed and waiting for me to slip them into an album, which I will do tomorrow night in front of the Amazing Race finale (i believe?).

I also put Mrs FF's photos on a disc finally (now to get posted off!) and once I publish this post, I have some gifts to wrap for my "students" on the church course. I think only about 8 will completely finish the course (both attendance and homework 100%) so I have 8 little gifts.

This week I'm at the office tomorrow and then in Bloem Tues and Wed. I know no-one so will be reading at night instead of socialising :) And thankfully, no driving!!!

And maybe I should try to set some goals for March :)

I don't even want to look at my Feb goals list. Aside from it being such a short month (does anyone else feel robbed of 3 days?!), the travel has done me in and I've done nothing on the personal side - no birthday cards, nothing! I'm doing ok on my 40 things list though (17 done, and some are work in progress so I don't tick them off til the end).

Now that Jan's finally done, I can start going through my Feb photos. I think I'll cheat and do CT first because I got some STUNNING photos in Fish Hoek and I can't WAIT to see those properly.

As far as work is concerned, everything is now full circle. A year since this, and a year since that. On the 6th it'll be a year since I did the assessment and I was offered the position a week or so later.

What are you looking forward to this week?
PS photos from Ballito - day 3 (these ones didn't make it to my album :))


  1. Wow! But you are organised.

  2. How are you printing your photos? At home? I am trying to work out what is cheaper to do.

    I have slacked on my goals list but am actually getting stuff done - I seem to function better without an actual list.

    Isn't the weather just bliss. There was a stage there I never thought I would feel cool ever again!

  3. Loving the cooler weather!

    Am 2 weeks behind on PL but that is what today is for :)

  4. This rain is just so beautiful...makes me wish I had a fire place, and a BIG bottle of red wine.

  5. Finally weather I like. Though I should have checked the weather forecast over the weekend before doing laundry :)

    Thanks can't wait to get the CD. Hard to believe K will be 4 months tomorrow which means the pictures were taken 2 months ago to the day today!

  6. Am totally loving this weather! And you are so organized, as always

  7. We had cooler weather this weekend and I LOVED it. The fact that I was in bed for most of it made it even better!
    Am off to work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a dinner friend date on Friday. In Kalk Bay!
    And I meet up with Joel's team later this week to finalise his IEP. Time to get the show on the road!
    I ADORE both these pics!

  8. I just love these Ballito pics! I wish I was HALF as organized as you with photos. I am so behind it's just not funny! Have you seen any nice photo albums lately? I need to buy!

  9. Ethan definitely was robbed of days in Feb- he had some stuff due March 1 and thought he had more time and was rushing at the end.


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