Monday, March 10, 2014

Being in limbo

For those who have access there's a work post here.

So you all know I'm a J. A high J at that.

For a J, being in limbo kind-of drives you nuts.

I feel like I'm in limbo because of this job thing.

1. I want to book holidays but if things go pear-shaped, I don't know that it would be financially sound swanning around on holidays. I will have all the time in the world.... but at some point, I need to work, right?

2. I also want to start properly investigating schools. There is a school I may look into for Connor but only if I'm still employed at the current place. We also were thinking of a private Christian school, again only if I stay employed. We wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.

3. I also want to fully commit myself to ministry. I've committed to teaching another course in May - that's only 5 nights plus prep - but I want to jump in and consult again, properly, like once every two weeks. As it is, I had to fight with work to do the course. They wanted me to fly out on a Monday morning but I'd committed to doing the course and I'm a person of integrity.

4. And maybe, just maybe, I can finally teach the Love Languages workshops like I've been craving for 2 years now.

But I feel I can't commit and then get out just because of work stuff.

5. I've also looked into starting Spanish dancing classes for adults :) The place is near my house so it almost feels like a sign. I want to see if I can pop by tomorrow night to check it out. I did Spanish dancing from std 6 - 10 and LOVED it! Still have my castanets :)

if I've been shooting (!) in a different kind of light, when I get inside, I quickly take a pic to check that things look ok before moving on.... this was one of those photos. I call it "stationery mess" :)

How I get the kids to behave on holiday... and that's my new carpet underneath. It turned out too dark but that's my life right now... I have BIG things going on so I can't even be bothered "wasting" R12 000 on the wrong shade of carpet.

aaah, water with lemon.

A newish scarf. I bought one in Bloem of all places, and another on Saturday. This has GOT to stop.

my loves - as you can see this was before 1 March which is The Day the Rains Started and Haven't Since Stopped!

Nanny V came to visit the kids with her baby who's now nearly two! Pic by Nanny S :) (everyone's getting trained in this house)
That's me.

Anyone else in limbo?


  1. Ai my friend, yes, being in limbo is terrible. I feel a bit like that this year too - having to get the grandparents health issues sorted and some more.

  2. I like and I hate limbo. I do find it to be awful but it can also be a good thing sometimes. There are two ways of dealing with this:

    1. Use this time to do nothing. Except to watch and pray.
    2. Make decisions in faith. Book the holiday – you definitely need it after the year you’ve had. Sign up for the dancing – it will be good for you. Sign up for more teaching – it feeds your soul. Get the schooling sorted for Connor. You CAN change your mind if you need to.

    In my life (depending on my levels of denial) I mostly lean towards going for the 2nd option. Well. Mostly. I guess it depends on the circumstances. When it comes to making decisions about Joel and schooling then I am usually paralysed and I allow the limbo to eat me for breakfast! Not the best way to deal with it if you are prone to anxiety.


  3. I can't access the work post but from this post I take it its not going well :(

    I suppose you could call it limbo what I am feeling - I need to get busy again. Before Emma life was crazy now I have the au pair helping with Jack and Kiara, David helping with Cameron and I feel like I am not doing anything :)

    Really want to start focusing on my writing and getting that a more permanent thing.

  4. When you say look into a school for Connor, does that mean you might split them into different schools next year. How did I miss that?

  5. ^I second Louisa's question! I'm lost.

    I decided to stop the limbo game around the house. I bought new chairs today. I just did it. They're not amazing, but I did it and love it. Next week, new plumbing. Next month, who knows. It was such a wonderful feeling.

    However as soon as I committed to all of this, guess who came home and announce he might be transferring. Sigh. Lesson learned, there is always something.

    I want to see the flamenco!

  6. There's also an option 3 that I forgot to mention:

    All of the above, i.e a combination of option 1 and option 2.

    You're going to be OK, my beautiful friend. Remember that you WILL shine and your challenge is to shine in ALL areas of your life, not just at work.


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