Friday, March 28, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Are you a typical woman?

Whenever I go to our pause area (granted, a lot of time it's to get a tea/ coffee/ water after a cry to help my eyes get less red), I usually run into these 3 girls.

The 3 girls are from one team and I swear they ALWAYS move around together.

Then one day I ran into the same group of 3 BOYS twice in one morning so I had to comment on it.

We had a laugh and were chatting about how women always go to the bathroom together, or shopping, etc.

I said, "that is SOOOOOO not me".

I never go to the bathroom with someone, I don't need to eat with anyone, I LOVE going to movies by myself (I really just go to some chick flick with my one friend because it's something we can do together) and I most especially like shopping by myself.

I LOVE taking just as much time in a shop as I need - whether it's 15 seconds or an hour :)

I personally think it's just because I'm so fiercely independent.

I actually only know one friend who is like me with shopping - she really considers it me time to just shop by herself for a couple of hours. Even pre-kids. I remember we used to meet for breakfast in between our infertility support and she'd always go very early to have at least an hour by herself to browse/ shop.

Nov 2012 (the period I refer to as Before the Job Crazy) - don't we all look happy?
I do love talking though :) and that's the one thing I LOVE doing with others. But I call it connecting :) :)

Tell me about your situation.

Do you like shopping, going to the bathroom, going to the movies, etc. with a friend, or are you happier by yourself?

PS Re photo above. Haven't seen Caren since November and Roz since January. WAAAAAAYYYYY too long!
PPS Julia wrote about her feelings here.


  1. I only ever go to my own bathroom. I is weird. I don't like shopping at the best of time and usually miss out on the nicer clothing because of my allergy for shops.

  2. I don't have any issues doing things alone. But I usually assumed it was because I am a bit of an introvert, so I need some quiet time alone.

  3. Haha, if I could do all my shopping online, I would. I really dislike malls. I enjoy some quiet time, which is really why I get up so insanely early every day. ;-)

  4. Clearly I have never been a typical woman? I REALLY hate shopping and no, I DEFINITELY don't need company in the bathrooms!

  5. I love going to the shops on my own!! I don't even like the kids with me - I check their sizes and will get stuff for them without taking them (except Kiara).
    I have never watched a movie on my own - I just prefer going with someone :) But I also don't go to the loo with friends - sometimes it has happened though but I never ask for someone to accompany me.

  6. Definitely atypical! I prefer shopping solo. I have lunch alone (which means I'm usually last to hear office gossip). There are loads of people in my office who need company even to get a cup of tea! Male and Female.

  7. I'm so with you on the shopping thing. I want to be able to leave a store and move on when I'm done and not have to wait around for someone, or if I'm the one taking longer then I feel bad holding them up.

  8. Thanks for the lovely pic, and YES we do look so happy! Before stressful times fell on us?
    Well we need to do something about this long break, how about a dinner with the 3 of us again? I haven't seen Roz since Nov either. It's been way too long my twin mommy friends....!!!

    Oh and the thing about being alone. I love shopping on my own (definitely no kids and impatient husband!), taking my time to look at everything! I much prefer going to the loo on my own (that's private). I do prefer to go to a movie or restaurant with someone though.

  9. I am very happy doing things on my own. In fact the first and last time I can remember shopping with friends was with Shayne and Lynette in May last year - but then we were on holiday and that is something really different. I especially love having lunch on my own people watching or with a good book. It's my time out. And I do not even have to eat - just coffee will be great. Its about the peace and quiet.

  10. Ok, there's a difference between doing social things alone and doing chores/necessities alone. Chores and necessities like shopping (I only shop when it's necessary, I don't have the finances to shop for fun!), groceries, going to the toilet, etc.. I like to do alone. Social things like lunches and coffees and movies I HATE to do alone and seldom will.

  11. I hate going to a mall to shop. I prefer to shop online, but will clothes shop at a mall. Preferably on a weekday when it's quiet! Re movies and eating alone I don't mind it but do prefer to go with someone just so I can talk. Cos I love talking ;-)

  12. I don't understand women who go to the bathroom together, do you need an audience to pee :P unless it's to gossip or something I don't know, and how come you always wait so long in the line but when it's your turn you just quickly pee and vacate the stall, what are these other women doing?!?!? Nevermind, don't want to know!

    I used to go to the cinema alone, why not, we all watch TV at home alone, no difference, one time I was sitting in the theatre alone and I heard a bitch ask her boyfriend "would you ever go to the movies alone?" yaaaa ten minutes later they were having a fight over some plans hah hah so yeah I'd rather be alone than be in a shit mood with someone.....

    Shopping, it's better alone because once I enter a store I know quickly if I see anything I like, I am not going to browse around, whereas some women take their time looking at everythinggggg. I only like to go with my mom coz she won't buy anything and is just there to tell me how something looks when I try it on :) Omg my one cousin takes one hour in one shop, not exaggerating, I literally die a bit when we go shopping together, and she will take 2 things into the change room and spend at least fifteen minutes trying on 2 items?


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