Friday, March 07, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Cape Town friend dates - part 1

from the rooftop of our one building

can you see my pants blowing in the wind? I thought I'd be blown off the rooftop!

When I knew I was going to CT, I immediately emailed Julia and L. There was a third person I also desperately wanted to meet (she is on my 40 things list) so I got brave, reached out and she was also very keen.


Anyway, Julia emailed me at one point and said, "wait, are 3 friend dates not going to be too much for you?" and I said, "it may be but I'm doing it anyway". :)

And I think it was absolutely the right thing to do.

It kept me busy, out of trouble and focussed so I didn't miss my loves at home too much.

Each of the evenings was very different from the others and together, they were the perfect combination for me. Seriously.

So Julia was number 1. We've met before in 2012 (a day I took some gorgeous photos of the winter sunset :)) and we email daily so we literally slipped back into our friendship as if I saw her last week.

It was a wonderful evening of talking, laughing, deep connection and delicious food (I might have groaned when I tasted the first mouthful of Thai Mussamen Curry at my favourite CT restaurant, Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen).

They had to basically kick us out. When we looked up, all the tables were cleaned off, and they were mopping the floor.....

We quickly got the waitress to take a few photos to document the evening, and we were on our way.



I wish you lived closer, Julia. Thank you again for a lovely evening - it was exactly what I needed :)

The outside photos (not the rooftop ones) were taken at about 6:50. Can you believe it's still that light?!

How are your friend dates going so far this year?

My one friend reminded me we haven't seen each other since Nov. That's got to be remedied soon.


  1. Ah my friend. THANK YOU! I loved it! Must say, I haven't closed down a restaurant in a long, long time. Lance and I have plans for Chef Pons soon! Interestingly enough, my friend dates have been happening despite the busy-ness of my life and they have been BEAUTIFUL. All of them. In fact I just got home from a glorious friend date. I just LOVE that they leave me feeling so energised!

    ps...I have decided that I am going to take a day off and book myself into that place where you stayed. The location is PERFECT. So much character and sooooo many things waiting to be captured. I had forgotten about Green Market Square!

  2. Also. It's getting darker earlier now. Today I was driving at 6:30 and it was nearly dark! Which means that Winter is coming. In Summer it doesn't get dark until about 8pm!

  3. I am jealous. Wish I could have been there.

  4. It is so very good to see Cape Town on your blog!!! I am way beyond thrilled we got together... and no I cannot possibly be on your "40 things list"... blimey I hope our crazy family lived up to some of your expectations!!!

    1. Ho hum... don't have any idea why my comment doesn't leave my name... that would be the weirdness that is the internet!!!

  5. Oh wow, looks totally lovely! I am terrible with friend dates - worse than last year but I guess it is circumstances.


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