Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I'm baaaaack!

This is the last scheduled travel for awhile... (by awhile I mean, til April).

I must say, this two-day trip was hard on me. I missed my little family so very much and I'm SO glad to be home.

That said, I'm under no illusions and I know I will have stress balls in my shoulders tomorrow once I get into the office.

I'm doing a short post tonight as I have work to do (not the stuff while I was travelling... but new work due at 2 pm tomorrow).

By the way, there were a few comments that I'm organised with my photo projects, and I suppose I am. But guys, I make the time for them because they make me really, really happy in the midst of the work I'm hanging on to those glimmers of hope.

Here are photos from day 3 in Ballito (I'm going to share the non-album ones here as the album ones will eventually go on the kids' blog). I'm sharing them today so we can all dream of warmer weather :)

How are you enjoying the weather? Do you have a favourite photo?


  1. Absolutely love the last pic. Do u ever stop? Did u do yr ballito album tonight when u got home?

  2. I love C's writing in the sand!!!

    We have plans to book a beach vacation. I cannot wait!!! I haven't been to the beach since maybe 2006 or so. Crazy!

    I miss you, Marcia. <3

  3. That first one make me ache for the beach! And I know exactly what you mean re photo projects - they make me happy so I try to keep up to date with them - shear joy (this is something I realized while reading the Happiness project)

  4. I suppose in a way your photo organising is the same as my scrapbooking - just different organising :))

    Lovely photos!!

    We need to make a plan to meet up - I want to see Sam too so maybe we could do a 3-some :))

  5. I like the shine one. :-)


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