Thursday, March 13, 2014

In limbo (part 2)

Julia emailed me her comment to this post on Tuesday morning.

It made complete and utter sense.

So I got myself into gear and started dealing with the limbo.

1. We've booked Air Supply and UB40 tickets.

Someone at work (a work friend, not my team) said "I wouldn't say that too loud"... about Air Supply.

I said, "I LOVE THEM and I'm unashamed about my immense love of soppy love songs".

So there it is.

I promised before that we'd never do another concert in the park (after the Elton John fiasco) but......... it is UB40 and brings back very fond memories of around std 9 - 10.... and I promised D that if it gets unbearable (sore bums, rude people, people smoking p.ot next to us which he seems to think is going to happen!!!), we will leave.

2. I've scheduled 3 schools' open days in our diaries and I have to get back to one admissions lady about coming for a walk around since we missed that o3pen day.

3. I booked a gynae appt.

4. I went to Spanish dance class on Tues! I KNOW! It was great. I had a terrible M and T (copious crying both days) and I needed the escape. When you're dancing (or maybe that's me), I have to focus and be entirely in the moment - I don't have time to think about my problems.

I was the only one there as the other two didn't pitch so I had a private lesson and she was in part, testing me to see how much I remembered and giving me a taste of everything.

Turns out it does come back quickly. She said I could do the exam after one more lesson. HA!

So she wants to move me to a higher class immediately. I said, "let me do this one for a month and THEN move up". But I'm going to the higher one next week since I promised them. This is fun for me - I don't want to be thrown into the deep end with my old bones that aren't used to twirling, stamping and flinging myself around.

If you're in limbo, take Julia's advice on that post and just get moving. Even on just one thing.

What do you need to take action on?


  1. Yay for taking control :) I'm impressed

  2. You go!! Sometimes you just need a kick in the bum and you are good to go :))

  3. I have for years wanted to start Spanish - A's ballet teacher has a beginner adult class but the time is crazy for us with the kids. But maybe, if A starts there mom will join her? It remains to be seen if she will be able to fit both Spanish and ballet in next year.

    1. Do it! When I googled it a week or two ago, there were plenty in your side of town. Even if you take ONE hour a week, that's doable. From 7 - 8.... Supper's done, Hunter can put the kids to bed.....

  4. Yay you! Sooooo glad I could help. I need to write. And I need to look at short-courses. I decided to take AM up on her offer, even though she's unpredictable. Lance said that I must stop thinking of the "what-ifs" and just do it already! This weekend is research weekend - I need to be prepared for her on Monday.

    1. They were exactly the words i needed to hear!

  5. Flip life is on hold again....struggling through the next disaster. I just want to get back to normal, carry my camera and count blessings.

    1. oh gosh, Lynette, I know the feeling. I can't WAIT for normal too!!!

  6. Dancing! I would LOVE to do a dance class!


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