Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lady check-up

Right, so this was the quickest gynae check-up ever.

Literally just a scan and blood pressure check up (100/60), glands, and so on.

So... last time I had two cysts - both 3.5 cm.

This time one has disappeared but the other is 3.94 cm. Despite me being on the patch to keep things in check.

He's added some more meds to the arsenal and I need to go back again in 3 months. And then "we will have to drain that cyst". He means laparoscopy. I checked.

So we had the talk about stress and... I cried.

Oh dear.

Not a good start.

But he was very kind and suggested that I get another job if this one is too stressful but probably not a good idea to just leave as that could increase the stress and grow the cyst/s.

(I look at my shine necklace every day and wonder if I actually heard God properly...)

That's why I went to Spanish dance again yesterday and I'm getting kitted out (shoes and skirt) so I can't chicken out :)

aside... in "my day" I'm sure I paid R80 for my skirt. These days........... R700! Shoes...........R500. I didn't even ask about castanets. Thank goodness I kept mine. But once I get good again, I want to buy some nice, expensive ones. The sound is much better on the decent ones. Again, in "my day" I think we paid about R40 - R50 for castanets. I see they're about R850 now.

I did one brave thing yesterday. I told new boss an abridged version of gynae events and that this is not good for my health. Full story here.

So I've yet to fill the prescription but I've got to get this stress sorted. Pronto.

Much as I sometimes daydream of lying around reading for a week solid, I know this is not the way to get that time out!

When was your last lady check-up?

PS interview wasn't great but D says keep thinking positive. So +ve it is.........


  1. My last one was when I had Bacon- I haven't had one since.

  2. I have my next one next week.

    Marcia - I know you know this but you can get a new/different job BUT your health can effect you for the rest of your life. You are the queen of action - take action my friend!! You need to borrow Julias word for a bit and be fearless.

  3. A bit off topic - but I chuckled at your photo choice for this post.

    Gosh, I hate going to the lady check up doctors. HATE. And I've been very bad about going lately. I did get the mams checked out when i found a lump though, but I suppose I better go for one of those other check ups one of these days too.

    Stress is like poison. People aren't just saying that for the hell of it you know? I am thinking +ive for you too on these interviews. You need to get out ASAP.

  4. Take care of yourself...and I am praying for you...I also find praying for you easier than praying for me.

  5. Like Louisa I ALSO chuckled at the photo on this post.
    I am terrible with the lady dr. I am scheduled to go in April. My IUD needs to come out and I want to have my tubes tied.
    My friend, you DID hear properly. You may not see it but you ARE shining for Him. xoxo

  6. December , just before the holidays. I actually look forward to the annual visits after years of never going. And I don't find the dreaded Pap smear so bad. Benefits of having a high pain tolerance.

    Hmmmm, this job thing I think is taking on life of it's own. Hard as it might be I think you need to make some tough decisions soon - your happiness or your job. I know it's easy to dish out advice when you are not the one wearing the shoes but when your happiness and health start getting affected you know it's time for change

  7. OK, you are going to laugh, but as usual we are on the same timelines. My last lady-bit visit was March 14th, LOL. Just a few days from yours. No issues with me, but we are talking about laproscopic surgery for tubal ligation. I'm done having babies forever, would like to get off the pill.

    Good luck with the stress. Not sure if this helps, but I remind myself at work sometimes that I'm not a doctor that could lose a patient. Helps me put things in perspective that it's not life and death.


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