Thursday, March 06, 2014

My personal photo goal this year

I bought my camera on 1 Dec 2011.

In 2012, I just wanted to get better at taking decent photos. I was doing just alright until I took Superhero Photo ----->> please use the link on the sidebar if you sign up so I can get a few dollars - sadly I've only ever had one affiliate sale :(

As anyone who stands still long enough knows, Superhero photo changed the way I see the world. That sounds a bit melodramatic but it's true.

I stopped worrying about the aperture, and speed and this and that, and instead focussed on seeing the beauty, and now I have canvases of photos I took hanging in my house. Floors me!

In 2013, I wanted to get better at taking photos inside. I am better... thanks to Jeanette at that Epson photo workshop. Of course just better is not good enough for me so I'm practising all the time but suffice to say, I don't hate every photo I take inside like I used to, only about 20% of them :)

Last year was also the first year I did a photo a day project since 2010. And then I took a photo a day but somehow during the year I lost about 4 months of photos.... anyway, dismal failure.

Last year though, Instagram made it so simple and in fact, I took much more than just one photo a day.

I'm continuing this year....

In 2013, I also started dabbling with "embracing light and shadows". Normally I'm a "bright light" girl. I don't like dark corners and shadows. But I started following Pink Ronnie late 2012 and I just love how she's not afraid to capture all the dark and light. You should go poke around her blog - she's amazing. She does project life with only iphone photos and has a beautiful simple style. Traditional scrapbookers may not enjoy the simple style but I LOVE IT.

I have a few iphone photos that are favourites just because they're so emotive using the light or absence thereof.

Anyway, that said, this year I want to play more with light and shadows. And black and white photography.

So I started by taking a lot of photos I sneaked at the beach and making them black and white.

The one up above is one of them.

I think we should all be "working on" something with our photos, don't you? :) If you normally stay away from colour, work on adding colour; if you only take photos of your kids, take more photos of weird things, etc.

What are you working on, creatively, this year?


  1. I want to start taking pics of other families - different ones, showing their true selves

  2. I need to take pictures. Period. Lots of them. At the moment my pictures don't look like how I see them in my head. That's what I need to work on. Also. I need to take pictures of actual people. I never do! I even forget to snap my kids sometimes!


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