Saturday, March 01, 2014

Oh, Cape Town

So I was KNACKERED last night when I arrived back.

Got home at 9:30 (btw, the parking company stole my Gautrain card - empty - but still... and R10 I keep in change to give to car guards, etc.) last night.

I'll have to write some more about all the wonderful parts but let me say this - I was REALLY glad this morning to drive to the gym without stress about getting lost, and no traffic.

I do believe CT's traffic is worse than ours! You guys need more highways!

To be honest, I don't know what more one can do:

I printed maps from everywhere (air port - office, office - hotel, hotel - office, office - hotel, hotel - 2nd office, etc...), put the directions into the navigation app on the ipad, and in maps on the ipad/ iphone.

Julia said, "how on earth can you get lost going to Bellville?!"

Oh, my friend, it's so easy for me. Let me tell you how.

Google maps has everything in one name. All around CT streets are called other names so I'm looking for something and it's called something else.

Or I need to turn left to ____ street, can't find it, the ipad just says "please return to the route" (that would be lovely if I knew how!) or something equally as rude, and then there are one-ways, so by the time I have my bearings I am FAR off the mark.

Add to that, my iphone sometimes just loses signal because I'm with Cell C....

I'm really proud that I didn't cry. Not once. And yet I got lost a MILLION times. I did say a few choice words yesterday going to the airport (yes, that mad-looking woman in the little blue car was ME!) but no crying!

I had to skip my turn off sometimes because CT drivers don't let you in if you need to get into another lane to turn. It's every man for himself... and so I'd go a bit further and turn left/ right which didn't always pan out.

Apparently CT people don't like to drive - the people at the office told me if it's longer than 20 minutes, it's going to be a problem to get anyone there :) Imagine that, Joburgers? :) 20 minutes is a party!

All that to say, imagine if my three lovely friends didn't collect me from the hotel for the evening socials?!

I would have been a big stress ball!

Thank you, three lovely friends!!!

Thank goodness I'm not driving in Bloem next week.

Let's leave you with a photo from office 1.

Do you now understand how directionally challenged I am?

I always used to tell my old team. "I have many other talents but finding my way is not one of them".

PS any bloggers living in Bloem?


  1. Hehehe...I used to get lost there often, but never to Belville! Welcome back Marcia. :-)

  2. I find Cape Town incredibly hard to navigate! I have been from the airport to Davids aunts house enough times to know how to get there but I still don't!! I do my best to not have to drive anywhere on my own when I am there - I find it very stressful.

  3. are right! We hate driving. Anything more than 20 to 30 minutes = FAR. I told you that the Google Maps lie! 22 minutes to Belville = Hell no! Glad you managed though. Also. Cell C needs to go. I know they're cheap but if the lack of signal is causing you to get lost (like repeatedly) then it's time to move on!
    All the best for Bloemfontein!

  4. I too heard that CT people dislike driving far. I'm baffled as well.

  5. I so agree with you on CT vs Jhb drivers. I hardly drive here, it is a nightmare. Funny enough I find it easier to navigate in Cape Town then in Jhb/Pretoria. I should have given you my hubby's number to call; he is a walking GPS.

  6. Love that stunning photo - one of the best views in the world! And yes, one can do what you can do but no guarantees in the get lost department. Enjoy Bloem

  7. Haha, I am BAAAAD with directions! Even if I've been there before, I am STILL bad! ALTHOUGH I have gotten a lot better because I am forced to with no man to drive me everywhere I need to go! :)


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