Sunday, March 23, 2014

On the bright side...

I have/ had tons of work to do this weekend - 8 items to be exact.

I've only finished 4 of those (the most important for the project) and it took me 5 hours and D checked my stuff for about 45 mins this evening.

He's never done this for me before which shows me just how worried he is about me :o

Yes, he is AMAZING.

We have spoken and spoken and spoken some more this weekend, and we have a plan if I'm brave enough to go through with it.

I know I ask this far too much but please, please keep me covered in prayer. If I pop into your mind during the day, just have a quick chat to God for me :) Chances are I'm having a "moment".

And now I have to get to bed. This weekend was probably the worst long weekend ever - if I wasn't working, I was talking about work or it was on my mind so I couldn't properly relax.

But enough of me, how was YOUR long weekend?


  1. Prayers for clarity, Marcia! :) :)

  2. Praying! Our weekend was nice and chilled.. just at home, play date with school friend, church... awesome. xx

  3. I had a truly fantastic long weekend...I'll keep praying Marcia.

  4. Keeping you in my prayers. We had a wonderful one away - we really needed it though

  5. Praying for you my friend! I had school this weekend - all day Friday and Saturday, out with Tom Saturday night (Phoebe is a great babysitter!) and cleaned all day Sunday. I still have a lot more cleaning to do. This place got very messy!

  6. YAY for having a plan!!! See I knew would find your way through this - you have a map now - so walk my friend :)

    Our weekend was great but too busy.

  7. Stopping over to stalk (or, um, check on) you. :) Hope you made it through your Monday! Thinking of you, dear Marcia. <3

  8. Hang in there my friend. Remember our Father will not give you more than you can bear...and He always, always wants the higher road for you. I haven't stopped praying. xxx

  9. Ai my friend. By this weekend you will know where you're at. Did you ever think last year this time that you would be in this space? I'm so sorry that this had to happen to you.
    Sending love and many, many prayers your way.

  10. Thinking of you!!


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