Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On the receiving end of a RAOK

It's no secret how much I love doing random acts of kindness.

(side note - I set a goal of doing 40 RAOK before I turn 40 in Aug, and I'd finished those 40 by the end of the year already... so now I'm aiming for 80. Why not, I say?)

Anyway, someone really surprised me the other day.

The mail guy brought me an envelope and I opened it.... to find this lovely print:

And yay, I found out who it is but I won't link because of privacy issues.

Needless to say, I LOVE IT! I also loved the surprise (surprisingly, because normally I don't like surprises :))

I did gifts for all my new consultants last week at church and they were gobsmacked! I love it - hehehe.

And one of the consultants baked a cake for all of us too :)

Such fun.

Let's start a kindness movement!

When was your last random act of kindness? Both given and received.


  1. I've had quite a few lately...many of them last week during my car troubles.

  2. I love to do little ones - easter eggs for the office staff, a flower for a teacher, something for Lucy. Small little things.

    This year I am doing one not so random act in helping to sell those Barbie dresses for someone that really need to sell them so I am dedicating my time (and not taking a cent) to sell them.

  3. I clearly need to get a list going.

    Love the print :))

    PS - why cant I put my link and name in anymore? I have to use my google login.

    1. I was being inundated with spam. Sorry - let me change settings again and see maybe they've stopped?

  4. Gosh, what good taste your friend has!!!

    A friend from church cooked me dinner this week. How did she know how much I needed that??!

    1. My friend has FANTASTIC taste in prints, nail polish and handbags :)

  5. Am having the same issue as Laura with commenting.

    I actually need to get my A into G with this. Have not been doing anything random and kind and fun lately. I DO love your print.Such a beautiful, sweet gesture.

    1. A wonderful gesture and it totally made my week :)


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