Monday, March 31, 2014

One quarter down

People, where is this year going?

(if you want to slap me, that's fine - I also get annoyed when people act like the year suddenly changes its order!)

But really, I said to D tonight, "3 months down and exactly what have I accomplished?"

Well, I trained a fabulous course at church and had a holiday in Ballito. That's it!

But soon this will all change.

I've just done my goals review (you know this is my favourite day of every month, when I see what got done and what didn't) and.............................. 98% accomplished.

Which just goes to show when you're sad, you can still be productive.

Or maybe when you're super productive, you may be running from the sadness.

Something like that. Or at least a mixture.

The most fun thing on that list was me taking up Spanish dance again. An expensive month but most of it is once-off. And now I will force myself to go because I hate wasting money :) Win-win.

Another fun thing was getting my 2013 Instagram album done, and I've also done Jan and Feb of this year. It's hugely satisfying when all the photo stuff gets done. Thank you to Epson for the loan of the printer #epsonmomsrock.

Last week I found out that a friend of mine got a new job within our company. She is a superstar but still. She spoke to a few people 6 weeks ago, and is starting her new job next week. There is no official role yet but she's off.

I really fought the jealousy hard. If I didn't like her so much, I would have been majorly ticked off.

I did tell her, "seriously, 6 weeks?! In this company???"

But she reminded me that actually her dissatisfaction started 18 months ago and she's been speaking to all these people ever since. She just happened on the right people 6 weeks ago.

Okay then.

Anyway, I have big plans this month. I can't WAIT for our holiday and i know we've only just come back 3 months ago but it feels like a year's gone by....

I'll have to tell you more about the goals later this week because I'm in a new book :)

(Amazon one-click buying is really bad for me. I'll need to put myself on a spending fast soon...)

How was your Monday?

PS the traffic into and out of the CBD was all kinds of awful.
PPS I put some new categories on the sidebar ------->>


  1. David and I made a list at the beginning of the year for the house stuff we wanted to get done. I looked at it a few weeks ago and we had actually done a lot of stuff on the list without even realising it - I felt super accomplished!

    But ja this year is on fast forward!! We have booked our June/July holiday and are talking about Christmas plans already!

    1. yay, that's awesome! Both on the house and the holidays!

  2. Oh heavens, do not even talk about this year! I swear the 3 months have gone by in the blink of an eye

    1. I know! But the next 3 will not - I am determined to be even more intentional!

  3. I just decided this morning. No more "on hold" for my life. The yukky stuff happened...and it is time to move on and see the bright side again.

    1. yes! Say no to limbo land :)

  4. T his year is moving way too fast for my liking. I have only a month and a week left of my maternity leave. Crazy fast!!!!,

    1. your maternity leave has gone WAYYYYY too quickly!

  5. Gosh, I have accomplished A LOT in this quarter and now that I think about it, we’ve done really well.
    I replaced every single appliance in my home and I had my car engine overhauled. That is BIG. And yes, LOTS of money was spent in the process.
    Right now, we’re sorting out our house for winter – fixing leaks etc. and paving a small piece in front. What was it that you needed a reminder of last year? I remember you wanted to do something to your house before winter but I can’t remember what now.
    Also. I survived term 1 of High School AND Grade R - I reckon I deserve a medal for that alone!

    My Monday was cool. I got BEAUTIFUL feedback from Joel's team which made our decision that much eaier but I was just sooooo tired!

    1. AAAAAAH yes, thanks! It's the pink aerolite to insulate this "gorgeous summer house" (aka open plan and breezy!)

  6. All the years slip by (or seem to) for me until we hit winter proper...then it just drags on and causes double the amount of landry. Meh...

    So far this year has actually been very good to me. No new job, love or car but our new house is all kinds of awesome!

    1. yes, double the laundry - I have big plans for that this year - to chuck out all the clothes and give to people who need it. Less clothes, less laundry!

  7. 98% is impressive!!


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