Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Valentine's Day gifts for teachers

Can you believe I actually used pinterest seach for "non-cheesy Valentine's gifts"? Yes, I did.

I really don't like the cheesy stuff - Thanks a latte for everything you do, Because of you I'm a real smartie and similar...
Laura and I had a little discussion because I said I'm sure our South African people don't go in for the cheesy. What do you guys think?

I saw this idea with craft books but it gave me the idea so off I went and 30 minutes later, they were all done.

  • A5 teal notebooks - CNA, R18 for 2
  • Lovely heart tape - from Lesley in Ireland :)
  • Teal pencils - Pick and Pay, about R7 for 4
  • Red washi tape - somewhere on etsy ages ago
  • Labels - free on a blog also ages ago (I often save til a Friday, print and delete - there's too much out there to keep everything...unless I paid for it :))
  • Baker's twine - Paper Peony


different patterns

some tape around the pencils

and then adhered with washi tape so it will come off without pulling the cover

I made some A6 ones for my kids too

stamped different patterns on the covers with a heart stamp

wrap in cellophane bags (I bought 100 years ago...about 60% through now), attach tags with bakers twine and voila!
They looked STUNNING.

(if I say so myself)

The kids put them on the desks and the teachers didn't say anything to me or the kids which cheesed me off. But oh well, I had fun making them... although they won't be getting anything from me again!

What do you think?
Do you like cheesy?


  1. I can't believe the teachers didn't mention the gifts! How rude, especially since they are so obviously done with thought and love.

  2. Very pretty. Wow, how rude of the teachers...

  3. No way the teachers didn't acknowledge the gifts? That's just bad manners.

    I think they are beautiful and very appropriate,

  4. Valentines gifts for teachers? Wow...

    1. I didn't even send Christmas gifts for my son's teachers after about grade 3! :P

  5. These are gorgeous. I cannot believe the teacher's did not say anything.

  6. No we don't do cheesy ;-) Actually Valentines is something I would much rather forget. Love your teacher gifts.

  7. Oh you know I would totally love this! I can not believe the teachers did not say a thing! We got thanked for the simplest little choccie.

  8. Reason #472 we don't like the school! So sad! It would have taken two seconds to throw out a "thanks!"

  9. I LOVE them! And no, there's no cheesy business happening in these parts. Very rude of teachers not to thank the kids. I would call them on it!

  10. Thought i recognized the tape, glad it came in handy -they looked FAB!!
    Strongly dislike bad manners : ( xx


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