Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reasons I love the beach and ... next holiday


Okay, besides the normal stuff (gorgeous scenery, beautiful photos, sound of waves, etc.), I love the beach for a number of reasons:

1. Kendra's hair. Her hair immediately goes into gorgeous curls (I wish I had curls like hers). What's even more amazing is the MINUTE we get back to Jhb, it starts going straight and within a few hours it looks like normal (without washing, blow-drying or anything).This is fascinating. Mine is obviously much, MUCH better in Jhb (not so frizzy). Reason number 4356 I love living here.
my crazy curls
2. Both kids sleep so well. Man, it's amazing. They're out like lights for naps and for night-time sleep.

3. Connor's always had a good appetite. Actually both my kids eat really well. But Kendra! When we're at the beach, she starts asking for food (lunch) at 11:30 :) I love it. At home she takes her own sweet time eating but at the beach, food is served and polished off immediately.

Now, next holidays.

One of my goals this month was to at least decide on our holidays for the year... in principle.

Well, the Elephant in the Room is a deciding factor but I was adamant - end of April is non-negotiable.

We started looking at Clarens and I was going to look at Sabie next when a friend phoned and helped me organise 4 nights on a golf estate in the Drakensburg (we don't even play golf. Ha!).

He hadn't even finished talking when I said, "yes!!!" So it's booked and paid and now I have something to look forward to. The photos are STUNNING so I'm going to have lots of fun with my camera and I plan to read a LOT.

I can't wait!

she got into my lip gloss (those tubes of labello)
Anyone going away for Easter holidays? Or the week after that?


  1. Beautiful photos. To me the beach spells out rest, relax and sleep. Two weeks and counting.

  2. Ooh Drakensburg! Beautiful. Can't wait to see your photos.

    We don't travel over Easter, the roads are just too crazy.

  3. Sooooo thrilled that you have a break coming up. I actually LOVE being home this time of the year so that's what we do. I am hoping to do something during the July holidays.

  4. We are - we are going away with friends - I CAN NOT WAIT!!! We don't usually go away but when my friend asked us I was also like YES YES YES :))

    Totally LOVE Kendras hair - so beautiful!

  5. I hardly go away and definitely don't go away during long holidays or festive periods - I don't find it relaxing when every where is crowded

  6. Ooh nice, enjoy the Drakensberg!

  7. Oh the Berg is fantastic - enjoy! Most photogenic place ever. My hair and Kendra's does exactly the same of the coast. I often wish I could keep my coastal hair.

    Oh and we have just been to Pilansberg for last long weekend - the rest will be at home. Shoulder op scheduled for Thursday before Easter

  8. We're going away for a night on the 26th for our anniversary. I am hoping to plan a decent holiday for early next year.


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