Friday, March 21, 2014

Remember the night dread?

It doesn't feel that long ago when D and I used to NEVER go into the kids' room once they were sleeping for fear of waking them...

When we'd strain our ears to hear a little half cry and pray they wouldn't wake. 

And now, I go in once they're sleeping, switch on the light, get what I need, do things in their wardrobes without much of a stir.

 Of course I don't intentionally make a noise - that would just be silly!

Last night I was up late.... I did my Instagram photos for Jan and Feb, and I'm nearly done with Feb organising.

And Kendra wanders into the study at about 12:15 am.

She'd had a bad dream so I prayed for her and sent her back to bed.

When I went to bed about a half hour later, I found her IN OUR BED. It was okay for a few minutes but she kicks the duvet off and I need the duvet on (I need the weight of something on me to sleep) so I sent her back to her own bed.

She went without any trouble and went straight back to sleep.

This morning we had a milestone. The kids let us sleep til 9 am.

We've regularly gone past 8 for the last year or so because I've trained them to go have an apple from the fruit bowl if they're hungry and only come get us up for "real breakfast".

Aren't I clever?!

This morning, they got into my crafty stash, punched flower shapes from cardboard and affixed stickers. I think we should use those as gift tags - they look really, REALLY nice.

The point is... the kids are growing up.

We already battle to get Connor up for school - he LOVES his sleep like I do. We're both not morning people at all.

Soon there'll be teenagers wanting to sleep all day!!!

I still can't believe I have children 3 months away from being 5 years old. 5!

Do you have kids who love their sleep?


  1. I would also fall right back to sleep on a pillow full of love. They are becoming big kids with each passing day. Thank God for His mercies always

  2. The big kids are great with this - they get up and get on with it. Jack is a horrible waker upper so he moans, needs me etc etc.

    And obviously with Emma now we are at the "don't make a sound' stage :))

  3. Definitely no longer "the babies". You have done an awesome work on raising them.

  4. KNOCK ON WOOD (as I do EVERY time I talk about the girls' sleep habits!)...our girls have always been good sleepers. They go to bed EARLY (around 6:30pm), but they have been up at 6:30am, religiously, for YEARS now.

    With the time change a couple of weeks ago, I used the opportunity to reset their green "OK to Wake" clock. Now they're getting up at 7am, and it feels HEAVENLY! ;) I definitely think they can use the extra sleep, and most mornings I haven't heard a peep until that time.

    It's not much, but I'll take it! :)

  5. Liam loves his sleep, just like his Mommy! Except he can be a night owl if he a nap that day, which is usually if he's been at preschool that day. There are no naps on the weekends. I've also put them back into bed after sitting with them a little while if they've had a bad dream. Once in a blue moon, we've let them try to sleep in our bed after middle of the night waking and it was never a good idea. They do much better if we put them back in their own beds.

    Can't believe our kids will be 5!!!

  6. Nicola will not sleep unless I sleep too, but in the mornings she sleeps like a rock and I can pretty much stomp around and do what I won't wake her.

  7. Joshua is a morning person and is up with the birds. We have HUGE problems with Joel in the morning - he is AWFUL if he doesn't wake up naturally. He DOES sleep in on the weekends - gets up at 9am some Saturdays!

  8. I THANK GOD for sleeping kids! Liam was a horrible sleeper as a baby, only slept through when he was 3 or something ridiculous like that.. now we can't get them up in the mornings. They'll usually sleep til 8ish on weekends - we are usually up before them every weekend because I simply cannot sleep late. But the weekend is a bit of a nightmare... getting them up for a school is a bit of a battle. But bribery seems to be working. I say to them the night before that if they get up and bring their clothes through to my room on the FIRST call, they'll get a treat. Not sure how long I can keep producing treats though.. lol! AW, love the baby photos!

  9. L is always an early waker - 6 almost every day although the other Sunday he surprised us all (but it was raining after all). A now seem to need her sleep more and if she gets the chance she will sleep in later.

  10. My girls are super early risers, BUT they are also old enough that they make cereal for themselves and the twins when they get up. And if they hear Bacon fussing in our room, they'll even come snag him and change his diaper and feed him too :)
    On the weekends, they'd let us sleep all day if we want because that means they can watch TV LOL.


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