Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shame, my poor babies

Yesterday after supper the kids asked for dessert.

(I made a pan of those no-bake cookies last week and they’re SOOOO sweet even with half the sugar so I give them a small piece… sometimes)

I said no, because you’re going to go crazy and then I’m not going to be able to finish my work tonight and tomorrow my boss will scream at me and make me cry………………

You had to see their horrified faces (TWINS!).

They then peppered me with all sorts of questions (does your boss only make you cry? etc.) 

Bottom line... I really need to watch what I say around them for fear of freaking them out.

Please, please keep praying - for clarity and always for peace. I feel more peace one way but of course my head is spinning out of control (hence all the praise and worship going on to quiet my crazy brain!).

Through Link.ed In of all places an ex-ex-ex colleague from AGES ago contacted me - they will need someone like me in about 6 months' time.... it's a small business but for very wealthy investors . I have no doubt they'll do well but I'm kind of hoping for something a teeny bit sooner.... :)

How can I pray for you?

PS I said to Julia today, I am NEVER choosing a word of the year again. Maybe the SHINE was from all the tears on my face nearly daily.

PPS Read this - a stop doing list - 3, 7, 8 and 14 are mine


  1. Awe. They are concerned about you :) But yes. I had to learn how to sensor myself as well around the kids.
    I am asking if you can pray to our Lord for me. That He help me lift my spirit please.

  2. Oh gosh yes, we sensor a lot for the kids. They have enough to deal with not to have to worry about us too. Will keep you in my prayers

  3. It is hard to switch off and act differently to how you feel around the kids. Kiara picks up on everything I am thinking/feeling.

    Next week may be a big week for us - I can't share too much but if you could keep my D in your prayers I would appreciate it :)

  4. Hi Marcia! I have some catching up to do apparently! I sympathize with the crying seems all I do since moving here is cry, cry, cry. Good tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, overwhelmed tears, inspired tears, fearful tears, silly tears. Art school really opened up my emotions it seems. ;)

    Having been self-employed now for nearly a decade, I really appreciate how stressful not knowing where your next client/project/job will come from. It does always have a way of working out, but it sure isn't easy sitting with all that uncertainty. You are in my thoughts/prayers for sure!!

  5. Love you. And yes, praying LOTS. I sensor less as they get older. They are actually not stupid at all. With Joel I do sensor a lot still - he's my shadow, my feeler child and is very in tune with me.

    ps...coconut milk with sliced fruit. Do it! Perfect for a week night.

  6. I want to echo Julia's word. We love you and continue to pray. Life is difficult at times and I have to remind myself daily to remember that God is in control. That He is shaking away the things that aren't in line with Him and that the process is always hard and painful. It will pass and we will be forever changed. xxx

  7. Sorry to hear nothing has eased up. You are definitely in my prayers. I hope something changes real soon!

  8. Ai Marcia...*big hugs*

  9. Poor babies. Hope things get better sooner rather than later!

  10. OH Marcia- you still have 9 months of the year, there is still plenty of time to SHINE!

  11. Your time to shine is not here just yet, remember we have to get through rough waters to see the beauty that life gives us.

    I will keep on praying for you, for strength to get through this and for Him to see your tears and change the situation.

    You are a very strong person M, hang in there, your time to shine will come xx

  12. Haai shame! Love how they are so concerned for mommy, man!! Yes, we keep praying!


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