Saturday, March 15, 2014

So I'm helping to build a library

My friends over at Se7en sponsor a local library.

She wrote all about it here.

I then went poking around the blog and found another great post on the library.

I love reading and have from a very young age - it's transported me to worlds unknown, taught me a lot and given me a love for what makes people tick.

And so I want to help this community by donating my books.

I've been on a mission to clear my physical books off my shelves, except for my extremely loved books (8, 9 or 10 out of 10), for the last 2 years. At the moment I probably have about 2 shelves of unread books, and 2 shelves of well-loved books.

I definitely donate all fiction because I never read them again (although in the interests of full disclosure, I still have The Painted House and The Bonesetter's Daughter because I love those books) and so this pile has been accumulating.

I'm sending these books to them. When D saw the pile on my desk ready for packaging and I told him what it's all about, he said, "hey, you should go through the kids' books too".

I don't need a second invitation so if I find enough "alone" time without helpers, I may get that in the mail soon too.

If you want to help build this library, please email me for the address to send your books. You could also order online and have it delivered directly to them. ships any orders of R250 or more for free!!!

(overseas friends, Kalahari is our local version of Amazon :))

Let's build a library!!! I know you all have tons of gently used books (I check in with myself to see if I'd still want to pay good money for that book - then it is gently used) - send them to Cape Town!

(here's where I get just a teensy bit bossy and no, I don't mind being called bossy at all)

Who's doing this with me?


  1. It's bossy for a good cause so it's fantastic...

  2. Oh Boss Away... You are such a star!!! I can not thank you enough!!!

  3. I am already building a library :) I also posted on FB about it. It is with our Santa Shoebox committee - one of the facilities has nothing - the pre-school is literally square rooms that we helped paint and are now stocking them so I did a big book clear out for them :)

    All my adult books are going to another facility to a specific young man who loves to read but relies solely on what people donate.


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