Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tomorrow's a big day

Friends, if you're the praying sort, tomorrow is a big day for me.

First thing in the morning I have a check-up at the gynae... to see if these cysts have at least reduced if not gone. I'm not feeling hopeful....

I was supposed to have this appointment late November but of course, things were even worse than in August so there was really no point.

6.5 months in, I really do have to go check it all out.

Wish me well.

And more importantly, I have a meeting at work tomorrow at 2 pm. Please pray. I already started getting anxious tonight after supper, especially since it's just me against with 3 of them. Also, this last week was baaaaadddd at work, so much so I did a budget on 1 income last night.


That's me.

I need my sleep so I can be a little more "together" tomorrow.

On the bright side, it's stopped raining and we could actually go for a walk today. First time this month!

How are you all doing?


  1. What just struck me, reading this, is you noted your work meeting as "more important" than your gynae appointment. Ugh...Marcia...

    Hugs to you on every level tomorrow! And thinking of you every day, my dear friend. With love!!!

  2. Good luck Marcia! Xxx

  3. Praying for you, all will be alright and that those cysts will be so teeny that you can barely see them. Xx

    You know, I'm in the same situation as you workise and for some reason I just cannot find something else suitable for me. So I've resorted to that this is where God wants me to "work" right now. It is not easy at all, trust me I know, but maybe your chapter here is not to be closed just yet.

    Hang in there Marcia xx

  4. Thinking of you!

  5. Thinking of you xx

  6. Lots of prayers

  7. My email won't let me send messages (???), so I'm popping over here to let you know you've been on my mind all day. Hope your day went more smoothly than anticipated. Hugs to you, Marcia!!! <3

  8. Oh heavens! Thank goodness that through it all, whether I read here or not, I am still praying for you and others! Hoping to read a positive follow up post in response to all the things going on in this post!! xxx

  9. Oh Marcia. You're life is hectic. Hugs

  10. sorry I am only getting to my blog reading I have to fast forward to see what transpired.


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