Saturday, March 08, 2014

Where did February go?

Well, it must have been all the travel that made it seem so crazy but my February was about 8 days shorter than it normally is.

That said, my goals spreadsheet says I got to 82% of my goals - yayyy. I will confess that I really had to focus to get book 5 read in the last day or two :)

While I'm talking about books, I read Happier at Home last month and... I liked The Happiness Project better. The Home version was fine enough but not as great as the first book for ME!

If you've read both, which one did you like best?

Notable happenings in Feb:
  1. I did the training for the church course. OH! My heart is so full from doing this training and I've actually 90% decided to jump right back in. The only thing holding me back is, of course, the Elephant in the Room. Not only was my teaching and training affirmed, but also I just flat-out loved doing it. I LOVE seeing the spark in people when we discover their passion.
  2. I also "designed" (I use that term very loosely), printed and put my 2013 Instagram book together. It looks GREAT!
  3. I did 7 days of travel and did great work (I think). Well, at the very least, I survived.
  4. I met up with tons of friends last month, 3 of those in CT and 2 of those new friends! :)
  5. We did a fun Valentine's as a family. And I did cute stuff for the kids and their teachers (pics to follow when I start with Feb photos).
  6. I got my online career stuff and my CV updated and I can see more recruiters checking out my profile. And I applied for yet another job.
  7. And on the bad side, I got rejected for that job.

So let's talk goals for March... now that I'm already 8 days in....

 - important work thing to do
 - have some "conversations" - can you believe this is month 12 in this job?! I can't.
 - finish training the people who missed a lesson on the church course
 - put Ballito photos in album and take some photos
 - get February photo organising done
 - read my 5 books and enjoy them (I just decided to stop reading a depressing book about a woman in a mental hospital)
 - have a 1:1 date with Kendra and Connor

(I actually have 25 goals but I'm only sharing these ones)

What's on your list for March?


  1. I agree that the Happiness Project was better than Happier at Home. I like the At Home book, but it felt like an extension of the main point of the Project book.

    P.S. I bought the Happiness Project for a friend a few weeks ago. She's going through some issues at work (although nothing compared to your situation). I know she's loving it.

    Love your Dr. Seuss sign! :)

  2. I've almost knocked off my March list, I'm amazed. Not on my list, but at the forefront of my mind, is housing. I feel like we all need a change, but agreeing on and working towards that change is the issue.

    Hoping you get your change soon! Maybe you should take a New York sabbatical!!

  3. Have not read Happier at home and now thinking not to. I am not even half in the shape to even make goals at all! Oh I do have one - re learn my leftie abilities in anticipation of the shoulder op


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