Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Wordless Wednesday} on a Thursday...

because I had no words yesterday.

Only tears.

isn't this sad?

and this one!

My trick when the colour isn't great? Blackandwhite them :)

(I like these so much I may just blackandwhite everything in sight :))

(maybe I need a blackandwhite project... of weird photos....)

How are you doing? 

Tell me something fabulous!

I'll go first.

I finally got these books posted today - my post office was closed when I went on Saturday (reduced opening hours!) and I've been carrying them around in my car til today.

Posted off - YAY!

Happiness! Kids (and adults) can get reading soon :)

Speaking of which... I have big plans to read lots of lughthearted fun this weekend. Lord knows I could do with not crying.

PS Non-South African friends, it's Human Rights Day here tomorrow. Sadly, all I think is - YAY, no work!!!


  1. Sadly all I think of is YAY no work! The significance of the dates is usually lost on me.

    Only fabulous thing in my world - a friend heard baby's 1st heartbeat yesterday. 1st pregnancy after 7 IVFs

  2. Gallery wall, black and white, hanging in my dining room! My happiness.
    Also, this piece of chocolate silk pie! I wish you could share and we could chat. Having an amazing extended weekend.

  3. Happy human's right day, Marcia. The pictures are beautiful .

  4. The only fabulous thing around here is that it is a public holiday...I seriously need a holiday...and your pretty pics reminded me of that fact.

  5. Love the pictures! : ) I have a 3 day weekend with no holiday, so I am pretty happy about that! : D

  6. Awesome pictures! Tell you something awesome? I only have two more weekends of classes before I graduate!!!!

  7. My fabulous thing: having an amazing weekend away. I'll blog once I have better signal again.

  8. I love all these pics and I'm so sorry that your Wednesday was awful.
    Fabulous things in these parts? Mmmm....I'm an Aunty! My brothers new daughter looks EXACTLY like me!

  9. Lovely pics and great memories. Great black and white

  10. Memorials are always so sad. And I'm always so nosy I want to know what happened.

    Something fabulous- Aaron's on leave this week!


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