Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Wordless Wednesday} One of my favourite places in Ballito

D and I usually sneak off to the Milk Cafe by ourselves but this year we took the babies with us for a special treat.

I love this place - the light (I always get amazing photos in there), the view, the pancakes, the free wifi :)

Enjoy seeing the Milk Cafe through my lens.

D and I went to Singapore in.......2004 and we bought these t-shirts then. D is still wearing his...

they changed their boxes! I prefer the tin (do any of you remember that tin?!). When I back up Feb photos, I'll pull that photo off the external hard drive - I love that photo!

view... there was an American man in the booth behind ours who was skyping with a friend and I remember him saying, "Peter! You won't believe where I'm at :) In a town on the coast of South Africa. It's BEEYOOTIFUL here - gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, amazing" and right then, I looked out and thought, "he's RIGHT!" and took this photo :)

it was as good as it looks (D's)
downloading Kindle books with the free wifi :)

when life gives you lemons, eat them!

and by me, for what it's worth :)

And there you have it!

I can't wait to go back!

When's your next holiday?
Don't you love the light in these photos?


  1. Glad you took the kids because the pictures of them are my favourites of the lot. Beautiful!!!!!!

    I have to admit I have clothes and shoes from 2004 that still look amazing ;) ;)

  2. Love the Milk Cafe'...and I don"t even go there for the wifi! :-)

  3. Beautiful photos and magical light. We never even dare to go into Ballito in December - way too busy and stick to the smaller off the beat places. But looks great. And now I want a waffle.

  4. I love K's lemon face!!!!

  5. OOOOHHHH beautiful view and yummy treats. I want to go to Ballito just to go there too!!!

  6. Stunning shots! Love them ALL.

  7. Oh K's face, that's awesome!


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