Sunday, April 13, 2014

8 days

Well, I have 8 days left at my job and thank goodness, I'm mostly feeling excited now.

I've had lots and lots of mixed emotions, and I responded to some of your comments to pray for me.

Something that I hate doing but always helps with these things is I wrote some things down.
  • What is really going on?
  • Why am I still so torn?
  • How can I let go and move forward?
  • Etc.

Right after that, I heard an AWESOME message last Sunday at church on breakthrough and that's when I wrote out my two project life cards with all the promises God's given me (and you!).

This is my last couple of days on a project and that I could not be happier about, even though the best part of this work is the people (on the project!) I get to interact with.

Then after the Easter weekend, I have about 4 things to do, team-related, which I can technically do from home, so I'm going in on the Tuesday for a lot of meetings and then maybe I will work from home the rest of the time.

We'll see because I am taking nothing for granted til I hand in that laptop and access disk.

I will say it is still very hard being on that campus. I love it so much.

Which is why I dragged all of them there yesterday. It was actually very therapeutic which is what I'd hoped for.

As you can see, even Thursday and Friday came with us.

Tomorrow I am "seeing someone" to talk through some of "my issues". This is a milestone for me. I've never needed to "see someone" (sorry, I can't resist all the "") so it's going to be "interesting".

8 days to go...

One thing I am not looking forward to is my farewell on Thursday...... two things I am looking forward to this week is lunch with Louisa and facilitating another one of those fin.ance workshops.

I'm up so late because I slept for 1 hour 40 mins this afternoon til.....5.35!

What are you looking forward to this week, and not looking forward to?

PS let's keep Cat in our prayers. She has a shoulder op scheduled for Thursday!
PPS I'm really not sure how to or if it's appropriate to announce my leaving on FB.... any ideas? Jeanette?


  1. Run and don't look back!
    Oh how I'd love to be a fly on the wall during this meeting! Don't forget that massage!

    This week is Spring. Break and I've planned ... NOTHING! I've completely dropped the ball so I'm a bit bummed and feel like I've missed an opportunity.

    Last, I'm thinking of Cat a lot. I know she'll be taken care of but I can't imagine holding it together! She's amazing!

    1. You are way too kind!

  2. Hugs my friend! All will be well eventually!

    I'm not big on FB so not sure of the etiquette but if you put H as your current employment then perhaps change it to an end date when you are finally off ( much like you'll do on your CV)

    Thinking of Cat and praying for divine healing

  3. I'll send you an email... if it's public knowledge at work, then it's public... you can say something on FB.
    Also update your LinkedIn on Thursday... that'll get the message across ;)
    Remember that FB is only viewed by friends if you set the message properly, so they won't pick it up in their ORM tracking at all... I'm assuming that's what you're worried about.

  4. My friend, you are already sounding way better than you have in over a year. I will for sure keep you in my prayers and know that those promises will be kept.

    I am not looking forward to Thursday and in some sense I am. I need the pain away. Thanks so much for the prayers and shout out

  5. Its my birthday on wednesday and I have a coffee date with friends then and then on Friday we go away with 2 of my closest friends - CAN NOT WAIT!

    Honestly I am not looking forward to when Jack gets home every day. I am battling with him at the moment :(

  6. ((hugs)) my beautiful friend. xxxx

    Your sadness and mixed feelings are completely understandable. You have, after all, just stepped out of a very abusive relationship with something that you loved passionately and it does and can take time to feel more like yourself again. One does need to work through those feelings in order to move on and so I think that “seeing” someone and mourning this and dealing with your emotions head on is the way to go. I hope it went well and you could get some closure.
    I would update FB on my last day – if you do it before that, then all the questions are going to come. If you are able to deal with that, then do it right away. If you do it on your last day you can just have a standard answer like – it was time to explore the market or you have other prospects in the pipeline or whatever. I would, however update linkedin right away – also amend the dates on your CV.
    I agree with Cat, you already sound better than you’ve sounded in an entire year!
    I am seeing ALL of Joshua's teachers tomorrow. I have a meeting with Joel's teacher as well. Can't say that I'm thrilled about them or anything - just needs to happen, I guess. I've basically got stuff on every night of the week but I am looking forward to Holy Thursday service - it's actually my favourite and the most emotional of them all for me.
    Of course I am looking forward to pickled fish on Friday!

  7. See you in a bit, can't wait!
    Good luck to Cat with the operation - I'm sure it will go well. xxx

    I am so tired right now that the only thing I'm looking forward to is a long nap if I can fit one in somewhere. Also, on Monday we fetch our new puppy! So that's wildly exciting. She will of course make her blog debut soon thereafter!

  8. Take a deep breath and remember that the mixed feelings are more fear of the unknown. I worked for 10 years for Mutual and Federal and I was miserable for the last few years. I remember that I felt physically sick when I handed in my notice...but it was the most liberating thing I have done.


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