Monday, April 21, 2014

Coming out of the fog

Right, can you believe it?

After months of agonising, I'm down to the last 4 days.

I've already been paid for the month.... but now I'm working for those 8 days of leave pay due to me :)

Which is what I need to live on for a month.

By the way, is anyone interested in money tips, etc. on this blog or should I rather post them on the organising blog?

(I will not be offended)

my life's felt like this a lot lately...

but it's getting clearer...

and still clearer!

Tomorrow I have a 9 am with a recruitment agent, then home to do hopefully two of those 4 deliverables for the week, then to the office for a 2pm meeting, write-up of those notes and then I plan to pack up my desk.

On the bright side, my password expired over the weekend so if I've received emails, I don't know about them :) Ignorance is very often bliss.

In essence, it's the last "Sunday night" I'll have at this company and for the first time in a LONG time, I don't have Sunday night dread.

Remember when I used to write these posts? Those days are numbered, my friends!

Who's back at work tomorrow? Anyone on leave?
How was your long weekend?


  1. You are sounding a whole lot better :)) So so happy for you.

    There is a lot going on here - not all good. We need to go for coffee. I am planning a day in Joburg next week - maybe we could make a plan? (I am nothing if not persistent)

  2. I agree with Laura, you already sound a lot better! :-D
    Yes, post the money tips please. It's always fun to see how other people stretch their pennies. You might give me a few new ideas.

  3. You're on the home stretch now! Our weekend was lovely, my sis and family were with us. I was just off on Thursday. Will take a few days here and there in the next few weeks as my folks will be visiting and Byron will be taking some leave too..

  4. Nearly there! I would love the money tips here mostly cos I don't know your organising blog handle ;-)

    I'm back at work in two weeks time and I'm dreading it!


  5. My weekend was lovely and I went to work today. So tired though. There's A LOT going on at the moment and I need to get some time alone so I can lose the stabby-ness. Must get early bedtime tonight. Doesn't matter to me where you blog about money. How was YOUR day today? Am going to miss our daily emails...

  6. Yes please to the money tips.

  7. Very happy that things are clearing for you! Yes to money tips.

  8. You are sounding so happy...and by now it is all over.

  9. Love the tone to this post! I can hear the relaxation in the air!


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