Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter plans?

I changed my phone cover back because I felt like something sparkly again :)
Well, hello.

It feels like a Thursday today because of the long Easter weekend.

5 days left!!!

I officially finished my time in the CBD but I have about two hours of work left which I'll do from the mother ship.

We have zero Easter plans.

Have I told you before how much of a wuss I am with seeing Jesus on the cross? Yes, well, because of my issues, I haven't been to see an Easter play for about 10 years (once I stopped feeling guilty).

So D will go to church once this weekend, we have a last-minute party invite which we'll go to because I like the mother (is that weird?!) and I would like us to go to Thava (lovely Indian restaurant) as a family. That's it.

If I feel like overachieving, I may throw some Easter eggs around the garden and chase the kids with a camera while they hunt them down :)

(I joke - we are going to hide a few eggs outside (weather permitting) otherwise inside the house but I'm not bothering with baskets... unless I have a fit of enthusiasm on the weekend)

I can't make pickled fish (do you do the pickled fish thing?) but I will definitely be eating toasted hot cross buns with tea the entire weekend.

I'm indoctrinating my kids because last weekend Connor said to me, "Mummy, can you PLEASE make me some tea" and my heart melted.

How cute! I'm creating little teapots!

What are your plans for Easter?

PS I have BIG plans for once I stop working... as in I'm going to ATTACK this house. D's already started hiding his things.


  1. Easter plans - church twice and getting stronger! I'm excited though mom is arriving on Monday and my baby sis will be 21 on Tuesday!

    1. your plan is to get all of you well :) so you can enjoy your time with your mom and sister!

  2. Hahaha! @D hiding his things...I bet you'll find them. ;-)

    I am hoping for a very low key easter with lots of naps thrown in.

    1. Oh yes, and lots of afternoon naps!!!

  3. We're off to the sea so lots of chilling, eating, and sleeping!

    I went to our Easter Play last weekend and it was SOOO lovely. Instead of Jesus on the cross they did a dance with long sheets of fabric, and once they were finished it was in the shape of a cross, with a sash thrown across it. It was beautiful.

    Can't believe your time is nigh! you must be so excited! Yes, my husband hides his things all the time! So i know how D feels.

    Hope you have a blessed Easter with a good amount of choc thrown in for good measure xx

  4. We are going away! I can.not.wait!

    I am not a huge pickled fish fan - I actually havent even tasted it but just not too keen on the whole thing :)

  5. LOL re D hiding his things!! I do exactly the same when I go on leave... clean and fix the house.

  6. Church. Family. Food. Eye Test. Naps. Reading. Knitting. Maybe a walk with the kids on Monday. That is the sum of my weekend.
    I take my kids to the Catholic Church over the Easter weekend. They have a service for kids that's quite tame compared to the adult service. The message is brought across BEAUTIFULLY and is super child-friendly. That's the service I go to as well. I just got back from Holy Thursday service now. It was BEAUTIFUL and made me feel so very emotional.

  7. Church on Friday. Family time and lots of eggs being hunted by a boy who can finally run around and look for them himself (last year he was in the spica cast so couldn't walk much less run)



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