Sunday, April 20, 2014

Everyday moments, aka Sunday randomness

I realised this weekend I'm doing a new course at church in exactly two WEEKS and I have to rewrite the manual.

Well, I don't HAVE to, but I want and need to, to make the thing run better.

So tonight I worked through 14% of the manual, and I plan on doing at least two hours tomorrow.

I always dread this kind of thing a little bit but I've tricked myself very successfully for nearly 10 years now :)

I tell myself I just have to do 15 minutes. 15 minutes to faff around (rename existing document, change font, play around with formatting).

After 15 minutes, I'm always a bit more hooked and then I'm all systems go!

Do you have such tricks?

In other news we seemed to have started an Easter weekend tradition of going to an Indian restaurant with the kids.

Latest news - Connor likes biryani like I do (I only ever order chicken biryani - why bother with other things I'm probably going to enjoy less???) and Kendra likes chicken korma like D :)

this is my errand bag - currently there are some things I have to return to Woolworths

And last but not least, there is NO photo paper anywhere in Eas.tgate or Cen.tre. I just gave up and took a flash drive to CNA today to print at R2,39 each.

Oh, I lie - there IS photo paper but only Canon, which is priced at between R180 and R215 for 50 sheets. Are they mad????? Cheaper to print at those kiosks. So that's what I did and my 2008/ 2009 album is FINALLY done! YAY to me :)

my 2014 Project Life album in Kiwi - I love the lime green!

Someone asked me if I'm resigning to pursue my photography full-time and I nearly choked on my glass of water :)

Are you lying to your kids about the Easter Bunny?

We have always said we wouldn't (and I'm still not) but the school pushed this idea so the kids think some ginormous pink and white bunny was prancing around in our garden hiding eggs this morning.

I said straight out, "these baskets are from DADDY and ME!!!"

Also, I have to work on my little people-pleaser. Apparently her teacher told her the Easter Bunny is pink and white, and when I said, "who said that? why can't the Easter Bunny be different colours (like Connor's drawing)", she was visibly thrown.

Call me a rebel but I want them to question most things.

How was your Easter?
Do you have a people-pleaser?


  1. Children should question! Always question, especially people in authority. ;)
    I don't do that bunny nonsense. I think the ladies are confused and just gloss over when people have asked about the bunny visiting. Same thing with Santa, who they're starting to believe in I think because of other people mentioning/suggesting. Gah!

  2. Strange. On Friday night I said to K...what a strange world we live in. The easter bunny makes news on TV but Jesus doesn't. I love how you keep a balance.

  3. Yep! I use a similar trick, and before I know it I've done 2 hours

    I like your approach
    I wonder how come all the "fairy" creatures became the norm and not the reason for the season!

  4. I sure don't remember much about the Easter bunny but I do remember Father Christmas. We went to the Rand Easter show (read my blog!

  5. Definitely don't have a people pleaser here! ;-) Tell N not to do something, and it's pretty much a sure thing that she will...just to see why you said no.

    I have a giggle in my sleeve some days about the words. Example, she pronounces very as berry, so I try to correct her. She goes, "no, no, no, no! Say it with Well done mommy, berry well done."

  6. oh no, I LOVE fueling their imaginations with Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas stories! LOVE ITTTTTTT!!!! Of course, I NEVER take away from the real reason for the celebration but I go with it and will continue to do so until they reach an age where they are like "you've been bluffing all these years, haven't you mom?" I don't consider it LYING ok!! I consider it a right of passage for children lol!
    I don't know that they are people pleasers as they are both VERY opinionated and like themselves too much to consider others.. lol.. but Hannah loves to make me happy.. I'm not sure if it's a girl thing or what, but Liam pretty much does what he wants, how he wants to do it. Hannah will ask me what way I like it done, and then will try to make me happy.. when they make up their beds, Liam will do his as quickly as possible just to get it done. Whereas Hannah will call me, ask me to come and check her work, ask me if i'm happy with it, did she do a good job? Etc.. lol, I love it.

  7. I told Kade that the Easter bunny was in our garden and it was he that hid the eggs BUT he also knew that Easter is all about Jesus who died on a cross for us and who rose again. His Easter hat for school had three crosses on it and I think I was the only parent who told him the real reason for Easter.


  8. We don't do Easter Bunny - I kind of forgot to introduce that bit. I don't have a people pleaser - well, not anymore. Joshua did go through a stage like that - I think it's normal for kids to believe that the teacher and her opinion is alpha and omega. They do outgrow it.


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