Friday, April 11, 2014

{Fashion Friday} Let's talk about BB cream

So back when I was looking for that wonderful Wet 'n Wild foundation (which unfortunately Mrs FF wasn't able to get for me), I started keeping my eyes open for other things that could also work.

I get the Clicks magazine for Gold Clubcard holders which is nothing special, just that you spend a lot at Clicks, and saw a product in there which I went to check out.

It wasn't worth the bother BUT... BUT.... I saw this new thing, BB cream, and decided to try it.

I don't like the cheapest of anything so I took something middle-of-the-range (Garnier) and since I'd had good success with their hair colour, I was confident this would be a good product too.

It was... but not good enough coverage for a work day.

On a work day, one (me) needs to be more put together than on a weekend. So I'd use normal foundation during the week and the Garnier on the weekend.


And then one day I popped into Clicks again (I do lots of aimless popping into Clicks which has got to stop) and Sorbet had just launched their BB cream.

How could I resist?!

(this is how it starts with me!)

I bought the Sorbet and I LOVE IT!

It has much better coverage than the Garnier and I've been using it to wear to work.

I saw an ad somewhere for a matte BB cream and now I'm hooked on finding that. This will be IT, I know it will :)

So off I went to Clicks again :)

The sales assistant and I had a lovely long chat about BB creams. She gave me some samples of a Ponds one and they also make an anti-ageing one (not that I need it *ahem*) but alas, didn't know what I was talking about with the matte one.

But did you see Yardley also makes CC cream?!

Come on! Now I've got to try that too.

BB cream is a tinted moisturiser and CC cream is a colour corrector. Here's a post from a beauty blog.

The reason I like them so much is the flat-out convenience. I'm really lazy with my skin and have a super-fast "routine". So in the mornings, it's wash, BB cream, eyeliner, eyeshadow on my eyebrows only, lipliner and lipstick.

5 minutes and I'm done.

In May, I'm going to have SO MUCH time to do more fun posts like actually take photos of my routines and such :)

I now have to give away some unopened "proper" foundation - anyone with my skin colour want them? Because seriously, I can't go back :)

Have you tried BB or CC cream?
Which is your favourite?

PS Terisha, I can't reply to your comments because I can't see your email address. mail me marcia @ the :)


  1. I use the Garnier one and it is the first time I have been able to use foundation because i have rosacea. It doesn't totally even the colour but it really helps : )

    1. Ah, that's excellent for you! I must say, I did love the Garnier on weekends TIL I tried that Sorbet :)

  2. I just bought some CC tonight! Im trying to look like a grown-up at this event tomorrow night, I own NO make-up. I'm hoping it blends all the sunburn I've accumulated the last two days!

    1. Let me know how it works for you!!!

  3. I use nothing. Just a dab of moisturiser and I'm off. ;-) I MIGHT use some battle paint for special occasions...might.

  4. I was using the Revlon BB cream, and switched to Garnier and it's perfect for me... although I'm using the one for combination skin which is not the same one as the one you're using

  5. BB/CC nope! I've used MAC studio.finish for close to 8 years now and I love it.

  6. I use the Sorbet BB cream and CANNOT use anything else. It's my first time using such a product - Have only just started with it - I went to Sorbet for a pedi the other day and saw it and bought it. I LOVE it!
    No idea what CC cream is. Must google that one.

  7. ps...more than one person has told me that the Sorbet one is better than the Garnier one so I'm not even going to bother experimenting.

  8. Dont like BB creams at all.. makes my skin too oily. Even the oil free and matte ones. I only use powder on my face generally so I'm used to a real "dry" finish. HOWEVER. It is DIVINE on my legs (which is where I now use it). Gives my "wit bene" a lovely even glow when I'm wearing shorts or skirts or dresses :)

  9. Annique has had something similar. It also has sunblock added. I used to love it but as I am getting older I find it does not really do the job anymore in the week. Maybe I should try the sorbet one


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