Friday, April 25, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Friend dates in the CBD

When I resigned and we discussed my last project timelines, I knew I had to see Louisa before I left the CBD for maybe the last time.

(and watch that come back to bite me in the bum)

We made the plan and I was determined to not move or miss it. So easy to get derailed when on a project.

Well, I couldn't remember what the place was called but I thought we both were talking about the same place when we decided on a venue.

So.... I left enough time to get to the place I thought we were meeting at.

Walked in, said (loud), "OH NO!" and the waiter said, "what's wrong?"

I said, "I'm meeting a friend and she's not here so it must mean I'm in the wrong place".

And so we whatsupped, phoned and what-not... but eventually we found each other.


isn't this reflection cool?

Louisa talked straight to me as only she can do - oh, how I love it!

I was 10 minutes late back but she is oh SO worth it :)

Thanks again for a great lunch, Louisa!

When is your next friend date? (mine's tomorrow!)

PS I posted this photo on IG/ FB and Louisa's friends really seemed to like my comment :)


  1. Marcia, you say the nicest things! :-)
    Thanks for the visit - I really enjoyed seeing you again and having a face to face catch up. Xxx

    1. All true!!!

      Now we'll have to make "proper" plans again :)

  2. I want to meet you guys.

  3. My next friend date? Sjoe. I need to make one! It's been a good couple of weeks since my last one. Thanks for that reminder! That is a LOVELY picture of Louisa.


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