Friday, April 04, 2014

{Friendship Friday} A tiny bit of a city walk and meeting Sweets

"Sweets" (L) and I have been saying forever how we should meet up and finally it happened. She's one of those blog friends (like Mrs FF used to be!) who always emailed in response to my posts :) We could then banter back and forth (in the days when I had time to banter back and forth at work).

We met through a mutual blog friend (some of you old timers - Mandy?) might remember T1mommy who used to comment here when we all had newborns.T1mommy is a Kiwi who now lives in England.

Another little side-note I'm quite proud of. I introduced her to Julia and suggested they get together "just for me" as I had a feeling they'd get along. 

They met up, (whew!) got along well and now they regularly have friend dates in good old Cape Town. Without me - but let's not dwell on that fact.

I console myself by saying "at least I'm a connector".

We'd planned to go to the Waterfront for a curry but alas, it was the night of the Eminem concert and traffic was mad, so we drove exactly one block away from my hotel (!) and enjoyed a curry in the city.

I had a delicious biryani.... and when I asked for the yoghurty stuff you pour over the top, they brought me tsatsiki and had the NERVE to charge me R38.

Only in Cape Town.


We had a lovely, lazy evening. There was live music in the restaurant - laid-back, easy music - even some Billy Joel or was it Rod Stewart?

We talked and talked and talked.... and ate and ate and ate..... and then I went back to the hotel to work til after midnight.

She was exactly how she appeared (and apparently, so was I :)) and I have no doubt we'll be seeing each other again soon.

I can't help it - I just love this photo!

The nice thing is this - whenever I'm in a city, I notice we all text/ email each other a we'd send messages about the terrible traffic (seriously, CT, you need to do something about that!) and so on.

The one day I said, "oh, I thought of you this morning when I drove past your work on the highway" and she said, "did you not see me waving?"


I, of course, love all the nonsense talk :)

this was the best of the lot..... and I "asked" the waitress to take about 10!

L, it was a pleasure spending that evening with you.

Can't wait to do it soon (hopefully we won't have to wait another 5 years)!

How are you doing with your friendship goals this month?

I just loved watching the vendors setting up in the morning and clearing up at night


  1. Nice!

    LOL, I also can't understand when a restaurant charges for things like chili - seriously

  2. Gosh there are still so many SA bloggers out there!

    I am in CT in July and hoping to meet up with a few bloggers too :)

    I don't have friendship goals but have been having a few more coffee dates than are normal for me.

  3. Nothing happening here on the friendship front but survival mode , you know.....

  4. Love the picture of you two! And yes, you can be my match-maker anytime because you clearly have a gift.
    A lot of restaurants do that. Bloody daylight robbery! When they ask me if I want x or y sauce then I ask if it's free and I tell them to bring me the free stuff including water from the tap. Mmmm...I have a friend date tomorrow. We're doing the Spar Walk followed by breakfast. I will probably meet up with L and I think I will call up my friend N because I had a dream about her last night.

  5. We're going out with friends tonight on our date night, so killing two birds with one stone. Very excited to go out after a long weekend at school. This weekend at school is almost over (yes, I'm blogging during class - bad me!) and then we only have one more weekend before graduation!!!!!

  6. Guess what I have for lunch today? Breyani leftover from lunch yesterday AND my own homemade sourmilk salad (as it's known by the real breyani makers!) Now I will think of YOU when I eat it :)


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