Sunday, April 06, 2014

I wasn't joking about working flat-out

I am knee-deep in work, and exhausted both physically and emotionally, so I have no reserves for much beyond the basics.

I appreciate all your comments on The Post very much, but please know that 1) I'm not going to write about all the nitty gritty on the blog and when I decide what's appropriate to share, 2) there will be a very watered-down version but only in May.

I'm so thankful we've had 3 photoshoots on this property - it really is the best work venue in Jhb
I have at most 13 working days left with very possibly flexitime during the last week.

Of course I've already told D that we're going to work next weekend to go take final photos (and for me to cry).

this is the view in winter every evening at about 5 - 5:15 when I leave and it's hard for me to imagine never seeing this again

Like the infertility and the resultant babies, I still can't believe I've done this - I never dreamed this would ever happen and now it has.

Enough of my life, how's your work situation going?


  1. *big hug*
    There is A LOT of crap going on at my work...but for now I feel like I'm riding the wave instead of being ridden by it. Two of my colleagues resigned in the last week!

  2. I have way too much to do before the shoulder op. So it will take a lot of hard work before next Thursday

    Lot of love

  3. Work is going OK. I'm super busy and have huge messes to get cleaned up.

  4. Same old corporate politics. So very tiring. (hugs)xxx

  5. As I phrased it last night, work is: "the blind leading the deaf, dumb, and stupid!"

    I wish I had your courage. I'm much like Louisa, riding the wave, since I've dropped to 2 days a week.

  6. Change is always painful. Take it one day at a time. You are going to be fine.


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