Saturday, April 26, 2014

K's party... and making an infinity scarf

This was going to be the last "summer" party even though it's technically in autumn, but then we went to another last weekend when the weather was also good.

It's throwing me off since I've already LONG since packed my cupboards so my winter things are more accessible.

my two next to the birthday girl

fun feet :)

So Kendra's been going through this stage where she wants to be exactly like me (for the last year). She LOVES my nail polish, scarves, and when I also dress in the same colours, she loves it.

On the spur of the moment, I asked her if she wanted an infinity scarf like mine.

I snipped here and there, stretched it and presented it to her. SHE LOVES THIS SCARF.

And that's why she's looking so happy in the photo with me.

Small things :)

The next time I made a scarf like that I also cut a thin sliver of material to hide the seam but she removed it because she likes it "just like that".

Okay then.


Also, do you realise it's nearly two months to the kids' birthday?

Time to start planning a party!

How soon in advance do you plan?


  1. So cute!

    I usually start planning 4 month ahead and book things.

  2. I'm late!!! I'll take the photo for the invite when back from holiday and the it's game on!

  3. I normally plan about 6 months in advance but this year I've been kinda slack with Kades party cos of Gemma's entrance to the world I've been kinda preoccupied with her but once I'm back to work NEXT WEEK (!!!) I will be on it like white on rice.


  4. Oh she's so cute with her scarf! I love those flipflops.

  5. Love the photo of the feet and flipflops.

  6. Of course K wants to be just like you!!! The boys birthday is the end of this month, time to start planning their birthday party now. Especially now that school is over!!!!!

  7. Love the scarf! Not sure who Joel wants to be like but he draws on himself and tells me it's tattoos. Then he walks with coins on his ears. And with caps and bandanas. None of us are into this stuff. Also. He likes bangles. And black nails. I think he wants to be goth, yes? Oy.I humour him. Lance is very unimpressed with it.
    I am terrible with party planning - I don't even feel bad about it. Am one of those two weeks in advance planners. Also. There are others like me. We got an invite to a party a week before the time from one of Joshua's friends! I do love the pics of Connor in this set.


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