Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Many rivers to cross

Thyme and Again, Plett

We're going to see UB40 on Saturday!

I can't wait!!!

Hopefully the people won't be smoking pot around us.... because D and I have a deal that if anything gets unbearable, we'll leave.....

I have zero UB40 music anymore - I had LPs in the good old days (yes!) and a best of/ greatest hits cassette tape. And somehow those never translated to CD.

(wait! I just found a CD - a live one!)

I've just been listening to you tube videos and (strange or not) I still know all the songs off by heart.

Yip, showing my age - std 9, 10 and varsity....

I love basically every song except the one everyone likes - (I can't help) falling in love with you.

Kingston Town, I got you babe (I like their version with Chrissie Hynde better than the Sonny and Cher version), The way you do the things you do, Homely Girl (makes me sad but I like it).....

Do you like UB40?
Which is your favourite of their songs?
More to the point, anyone going in Jhb or CT?

I started a mini album of favourite photos of me and D - and I love this little project because it's forcing me to be intentional... it also helps that Connor takes great photos (2 of the photos in there are ones Connor took, along with photos Jeanette took :))


  1. UB40 is one of the few groups that both David and I like. I love them!

  2. "Here I am baby....." now I am going to have UB 40 turning in my head forever. Both of us hate crowds so nope, no concert. Hope you enjoy it though. I have so few pics of us two - need to get A to take some

  3. Hope u have the most divine time! You need to let your hair down and have fun. I love UB40 but am not going to the concert. Love the pic of u guys at thyme and again (one of my fav spots in plett)

  4. I love UB40. Lance saw them when they were here a few years ago and says that it was one of the best concerts that he ever attended. Well. This time I left it up to him to organise. He forgot. I am annoyed because I think it would have been awesome. It's happening at a stunning venue - outdoor setup on a wine farm. I got you babe (with Chrissie) is my fave UB40 song of all time. Also Red, Red wine. Also Kingston Town.

    ps...there's going to be pot smoking. This is UB40.

  5. I'm not a fan of loud music (I wear ear plugs when I go for gym classes) and hubby doesn't do crowds. Bad combination for concerts

  6. I love UB40. Red Red Wine is my favourite song. I went to their concert in 2007 and it was fantastic.

  7. Have fun at the concert!!!


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