Monday, April 28, 2014


Epson workshop #EpsonDY

So I was invited to a photography workshop with Epson on the 2nd April. I didn't even think twice before saying yes except to check the date because it was JUST what I needed - some me time after the work stuff going on.

The workshop was held just around the corner from our office in the most stunning surroundings. Just GORGEOUS.

Beautiful building, a view that stretched on and on..... and the yummiest food :)

When I arrived, I did think they'd made a mistake inviting me when I saw all these MEDIA people but I was to busy enjoying myself to dwell on that for very long.

The lovely Michelle from Rooi Rose

Mzanzi Girl's legs :)

Mail and Guardian journalist, Gareth Pon with a gazillion followers on IG, and a laughing Mzanzi Girl. She is sooo fun and full of life.


the four photos I chose to be judged
From here on down, all photos with my iphone.

I also liked this one very much but it's portrait, and the rules were landscape

I loved the workshop and best of all, getting a chance to just walk around and PLAY.

Don't you agree we have the best sunsets in Jhb?
When was the last time you had me time?


  1. Fabulous event! And love your pics. And after all this time off I guess it will be a while before theres any me- time

  2. You do take lovely pictures M, that's why you were invited and you do a wonderful job of printing - more than most people do

  3. Beautiful! My me-time is all shot to hell now. Hahaha, I used to get up at 4:00 to have a bit of quiet time before madam N wakes up and we have to get ready for the school/work run. However, Polka is on to my tricks and now wakes up with me - and she wants to play! I want to drink my coffee in peace and smoke a couple of smokes while reading a few chapters of a book or watching something un-animated on the laptop. *sigh* ;-)

  4. Your photos are beautiful. All so unusual. I think that's what makes your photography stand out.

  5. You have an eye for a great photo! Looks like you had the most amazing time.


  6. Beautiful images...yummy food.

  7. Lovely pics! Yesterday I had a few glorious hours of alone time - Lance and the kids went out. I read and read and slept and slept. It was BEAUTIFUL!


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