Tuesday, April 08, 2014


I've now had 5 Spanish dancing lessons.

I'm really enjoying it but it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Some of it is... I remember the one dance like it was yesterday but some other things that should be more "obvious" are taking longer to get settled in my mind.

Also, clearly I'm 22 years older because my body doesn't twist into the turns, etc. as easily as it used to :)

The other girl in my class decided to do her exams in June so I'm joining her.

What the heck, right?

And I like a goal :)

So here I am at 39-odd years doing Spanish dance exams I did when I was 13 :)

But it's all good.

Best of all, I enjoy it and it's good to clear my busy mind - I have to keep focussed or I completely lose the rhythm.

Now that all the enrolment fees and gear has been paid for (I just got my skirt tonight), it should only cost R500 pm!

How are you keeping your head clear these days?


  1. I want to see the skirt! And what kind of shoes do you wear for it?

  2. Oh yeah! You know that i totally love that you are doing this again?

  3. I love that you are doing this for yourself. I want, no need to get back into my running. Have been meaning to for ages and now just need to huge the bullet and do it.

  4. Honestly? I am not doing ANYTHING to clear my head. Which is a problem. I think I will have to go and swim this weekend. Decided last week that I'm cutting my hair in June because it's the only thing stopping me from swimming 3 times a week. Also. My birthday gift from me to me = surfing lessons. It's time. I am sooooo excited!

  5. I think that's so awesome! Good for you. :-)

  6. Love that you're dancing again :)
    I'm keeping my head clear by running... I've even turned down a few shoots so that I can make it to RWFL

  7. Honestly its been a rough 2 weeks :( Emma is crampy and keeps me busy so I am behind on my writing, the house etc etc.


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