Saturday, April 12, 2014

Project Life - the first quarter

Aaaaah, I'm loving Project Life this year.

Can I just say this? I clearly don't have any perseverance because I really like different things in my albums all the time.

In hindsight I can see I got a bit bored with Seafoam and really what I needed was one or two fillers from other kits to keep it exciting.

I think I made an EXCELLENT decision to buy just the filler kit for Honey and Sunshine at the end of last year.

They cost me $3.99 each (less than R90 total) and each came with 50 cards on them. So I just printed out all 100 on cardstock and cut them out (that was the only painful part but I just did it over a few days and now I'm set for the year!).

THIS in my opinion, is the way for South Africans to do Project Life. We will always pay customs duties and exorbitant shipping on the proper kits so it's a nice affordable way to do this.

I was put off for a long time because I'm not a digital scrapbooker (I don't even edit my photos except for a colour change here and there, and a crop now and again) but hey! you get the files in png (for the ones who know what that means) and you get PDF files for the rest of us :)

Anyway, you can see how nice and bright and HAPPY my layouts are this year. I LOVE THEM!

Organising my stuff

I sorted all the cards into colours, whether Honey or Sunshine - so there's yellow, black and white, pink, red, blue, green, brown, etc. and based on the photos I choose, I get out the co-ordinating set of cards, choose a few, write down something (sometimes) and I'm good to go.


(I'm using all the other PL stuff but honestly, for lists, labels, for the kids to draw me something on a specific date to put into a memory box of sorts, labelling photo album pages and for "pre-holiday" sets so people know this is the Plett holiday, this is Ballito, etc.


Jan 1

Jan 2


March (taken right now with iphone as I dropped my camera and it's not focussing properly... but fortunately JUST after I was done at my work this afternoon. It's the kit lens because the other lenses work just fine)
So that's where we're at.


I'm also really glad shipping is so expensive over here because if that obstacle was removed, I'd be buying boxes of the cards because they really are gorgeous. And there is NO way you could even go through all the cards in a core kit in a year, of that I'm convinced.

How is your memory-keeping for the year coming along?

Right now, I'm you tubing Casting Crowns (THEY ARE COMING HERE, Mandy! YES - we've bought tickets) and getting familiar with the other stuff besides my favourite album ever #untilthewholeworldhears

Then I want to make a mini album (24 of my favourite black and white photos) and start selecting pics for a new album "Mummy and me" for the kids :)

I love my projects :)

What are you up to on this Saturday night?


  1. Hah! I stopped PL in October of last year and haven't started this year's yet. I'm trying to decide how to tackle this year - the two weeks per layout worked well for me last year until I stopped. But that would mean a lot of layouts i've got to do for this year, so I may just do one per month that's passed and call it good. But thanks for the reminder :D

  2. Saturday night spent getting better! Had horrible cold and sinuses on fire!!!

    Memory keeping for now is lots of picture taking, I need to start organizing it and I have just the album for that, I'm just not big on printing pictures

  3. Saturday night was nice. We came from the beach and just vegged about. Watched some series. Read a little. Right now I am taking LOTS of pictures. In the next couple of weeks I am making a concerted effort to look at photos and file properly and select some for printing for albums. I could not possibly do project life - I simply don't have the attention span for it. Your albums look BEAUTIFUL though. I'll just stick to the CNA brag books!

    1. The CNA brag books are still my favourites.

      I realised after writing this post I still haven't done albums for our UK trip in 2008 and Dublin 2009, so I'm making a little brag book for the 2009 one and we'll see about the other one. 21 days is a long time. We have thousands of photos.

  4. Yay!
    I'm behind in PL [surprise, surprise] because I TWICE went to the store and bought the wrong sheets. I'm now over flowing with sheets I don't really need. The weather has been gorgeous and naps are evaporating so I need to make time.

  5. I only buy digital and really the cutting is all that is painful about it. I love all the rest. I am behind on last year - things were just way over hectic at the end of the year. This year I am up to date with printing pictures and notes (just need to print the long weekend) but need to journal a lot. I am a lot more flexible with myself this year - if a week needs 4 pages then so be it. Only one, then ok too


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