Monday, April 14, 2014

Random Monday thoughts

This morning when I got to work, I was copied in on a very sad email - my colleagues' dad died this morning, unexpectedly from the sounds of it.

Very, very sad.

This is the one that "made me cry" when I had my breakdown in July last year. Interestingly, we get along well WHEN we're not working together.

I decided today that I want to set up something job-searchy for every day next week so I have two interviews with recrui.tment agents on Tues and Wed morning, and lunches after that with good networkers....

I also sent an email to follow up on something I'd previously sent out. He emailed me back already to say he would discuss it with his senior.

I have another two recrui.tment agents to contact and then I'm taking a break for our holiday.

new phone cover (well, not that new - I bought it on my last day in CT - 28 Feb)
So I went to "see the someone" today. The session was weird.... but validating.... and that's all I'm saying for now. Still processing :)

But the traffic was way too awful - rain, highways, more rain.... at least in Jhb we know how to drive :) (can't resist the dig at CT drivers)

I heard on the news while driving home that there are people CAMPED outside schools to hand in application forms.

When I got home, I was very tempted to drive past a popular school in our area to take photos (all in the name of Instagram documenting!!!) but I was too tired.

D and I decided "what will be will be" and that we are not prepared to go to these lengths to get to the tops of the lists.

I hope this doesn't come back to bite us in the butt :)

Either that or my career plans will include homeschooling. That is a BIG joke - you all know that, right?

How was your Monday?

PS 7 days left!


  1. Sorry to hear about your colleagues dad!
    I thought if you and Robyn when I heard of the drama surrounding school applications for 2015!

    Well, you know how my Monday ended :( :(

    1. Can't wait til you and Miss K are out of the hospital!

  2. I am rather shocked at this queuing to be honest with you. I have never had to do this. It makes me a little anxious to be honest because once a school is full they are full - so one of two things can happen - they don't take more children or they do meaning numbers start increasing etc etc

    LOL maybe we homeschool together - you do money management and life coaching and I will do arts and crafts and English :))

    1. I was planning to send my kids to CT to get Se7en to do it for me :)

  3. Wha! Homeschooling! We have never seen this at our school but I do know it is way less of an issue in the Afrikaans schools. (For interest sake our school almost did not do an open day this year - the grade 1 classes have just a few spots going on from grade R and they have a good estimate on grade R next year)

    1. !!!

      And the one very popular school around here only has their open day in May. I don't really see the point but I'm going anyway :)

  4. Gosh, my Monday was just busy. Is this queuing a Jhb thing? Because I have NEVER heard of it happening in CT. How come your session was weird? Fantastic that you feel validated. Nice phone cover!

    1. Thanks! Phone cover from the Typo sale (R40!)

      Sounds like this queuing is a Jhb thing - there certainly was none of this when I was growing up "in the olden days" :)

      Weird because I'm not used to therapy I suppose...

  5. Hehehe...I'm trying to visualise you homeschooling. I know I don't have it in me!

    1. Well now, neither do I.... but I'm sure I can get V to come back and work for us - she would be fantastic...........

    2. Look Louisa, you made the news! I'm sure the both of you could totally pull off a homeschool coop!


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