Sunday, April 27, 2014

So this was a good weekend

Wow, it's amazing how different I feel... already.

I feel so much lighter!

Anyway, what made this a good weekend?

1. Last day at the old job! Laptop and access disc handed in. Done!

2. I met with my financial advisor on Friday afternoon and the news was very good. Basically, had I spoken to her sooner, I could (technically) have resigned earlier. But I do know I needed to be "ready" emotionally.

Bottom line - I have a much bigger buffer than I thought I had. WOOHOO.

(I need to write about that though because is it my type of personality that doesn't actually want to dig into that buffer even though it's exactly what I planned to do with it? Hmmm)

3. And then... Air Supply!

OH MAN, the concert was fabulous.

They were both so gracious to the audience and just wonderful entertainment. And best? I actually knew all but 2 songs.

Whenever I go to concerts, I always look around, wondering if I actually fall part of the demographic and... nope. There were a few under 40s, but the majority of the audience was older :)

I don't care one bit - I loved it!

4. Last night I had supper with my twin mother friends. Jeepers but it really is winter, especially at night. It was COLD!

And it's only April.

We had a great time catching up as we always do but we need to start planning the next meeting at the current one, don't you agree?

5. My MIL brought my lens around this afternoon.

Just in time as we leave tomorrow morning on holiday and how can you go on holiday without your kit lens?

Well, I can't. I still use my kit lens about 95% of the time.

I need to edit last weekend's photos; I'm so keen to see what they look like because I felt like my one arm was cut off due to being restricted to the zoom and the 50 mm lenses.

My MIL also asked about the kids' party.................. and I told her what we're doing. I've started shopping for it a bit already. (Nothing like finding out you have more money than you thought you did to bring out the shopaholic - don't worry, I'm still very frugal in my shopping)

That will provide a bit of fun as I navigate next steps.

How was your weekend?

PS So I'm not sure of the iburst coverage where we're going and I'm definitely not stressing about a blog post this week, so if you hear from me, lovely; if not, know that I'm reading a lot and chasing the kids with my camera :)


  1. Oh Bon Voyage... wishing you the best getaway... you so so so so deserve it!!! Lots of lekker love from the whole gang!!!

  2. Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Have a happy stress free holiday :))

  4. Enjoy your very well deserved break

  5. Enjoy the time away. Rest and Recharge!!!

  6. Have a wonderful time away! My weekend was divine, we were away for our anniversary sans kids. I got to SLEEP, eat and just relax.


  7. Have fun! I'm so happy to hear you sound more like yourself again :)

  8. Enjoy your holiday my friend.

  9. I LOVE concerts where there's an older crowd. Those people know how to get down and enjoy themselves! Glad you enjoyed the concert.


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