Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The "berg"

Well, the drive down was longer than expected due to stops, lunch breaks and a spot of shopping for groceries.

As can be expected with kids.....

D took the kids to play putt-putt while I'm using the free wifi to get rid of the last few work emails and complete a staff satisfaction survey (I know!!!).

It is stunningly beautiful here and I've taken a lot of photos already yet we still haven't done a proper photo walk. 

That will happen this afternoon. 

I read a book on the way down, MANY Kindle samples and another book yesterday so things are going well. 

Kids just arrived so we're off to lunch ;)

How has your week been so far?


  1. My week has been great so far. Glad you're having the best time.


  2. Enjoy all the beauty. Mine's ok - still recovering

  3. Busy at work, but enjoying not having schoolwork over my head. One more paper to finish though. Will get it done in the next few days

  4. We're currently driving the three hours home, into a Noah-sized rain storm. We had an amazing two days at the water park!!

    I hope your honest in that survey!!

  5. Enjoy your time in the berg, it is beautiful there! I can't wait to see some pics!

  6. Enjoy your time...and take loads of photos.

  7. I'm feeling a bit flu-ish, so quite irritated in general. Enjoy your break and your photo walks. ;-)

  8. Sounds great so far. Enjoy :)

  9. The pics that I've seen so far are BEAUTIFUL. So glad you got to have this well-deserved break. My week was OK. Am doing new stuff at work and it's keeping me SUPER busy!


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