Monday, April 07, 2014

This weekend...

This weekend was very, very strange.

I had a headache for most of the weekend so I did a LOT of sleeping. A lot.

I probably averaged 9 hours a night.

For a minute there I was worrying that I had brain cancer or something because nothing I was doing was making it go away - I was WELL hydrated, popping Suda.fed, Panado, etc. and ... no effect.

So I'm behind on everything.

I cooked nothing extra, did no work, didn't organise the kids' clothes for the week (don't laugh - I still do), no photos, no tidying, NOTHING but essentials which was sleeping, bare basics eating (I think the kids lived on mostly apples and cereal with the odd slice of toast thrown in).

I even missed some of UB40. that's a story for another post but have you ever tried to go to a concert with a splitting headache? #lifelist stuff which is the sole reason I went.

I'm not the sort of girl who can "carry on" when I have a headache. I need DARKNESS and SLEEP and lots of QUIET.

My kids got stickers one night because D said "shhhh, Mummy's not feeling well" and they actually listened!

I was fine today (obviously because it's work) but I need to get my butt to bed because I'm now counting down the days.

Can you function with a headache?
How was your Monday?


  1. Sometimes sleep is really the only answer. I can function with a headache but the moment it gets to migraine stuff (nausea, flickering lights etc) - no way!

  2. Oh no, sorry Marcia! Hope you are better now.

    I can function partly with a headache but it all depends on the severity.

  3. I can't function with a head ache at all. And to make things worse, I only drink panados when I get one...a bit like peeing against the wind really.

  4. I'm the same way with headaches- I can't do anything else until it's gone and I need sleep and dark and quiet.
    I hope yours stays away!

  5. As a headache sufferer for me it depends on the severity of the headache. A dull ache and pounder I can function with. A migraine where I see spots etc not.

    Hope you feel better now



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