Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday, the Irish version of miracles

So I decided, after looking at my list of photo projects, that there are one or two more important things than making albums of us with the kids....

Like tackling the backlog - the pre-kids overseas trip backlog.

We, like everyone else, went crazy with our digital cameras and came back, stuck them on a disc and did nothing.

My trick is always to get some quick wins first so I tackled the one-week, pre-baby holiday in Dublin in 2009.

I'm now working through the 3-week, 4-country, UK trip from 2008. On the bright side, Wales is done, I'm nearly done with Ireland. Scotland is also done but somehow I only transferred the small versions to the laptop. England is going to be hard because we saw about 10 friends......

But look what I found.....

A day after we celebrated our 14-year wedding anniversary..... and my lovely Woolworths maternity jeans - I may still have these too...

Yes, I'm wearing the same top - it's my warmest fleece, okay? And I still have it....hmmm, at least 6 years now!

But isn't that amazing?

11 months apart, same place, first non-pregnant, just before I came back to have my laparoscopy and Dr G told me definitely IVF, and then 2 IVFs later, and 23 weeks pregnant with twin babies.

WOW - God is good.

I'm believing for such miracles over the next year again. I want to post and write "can you all believe I went through all that hell, and LOOK at what's happening now!"


When I look at the photos, I really, REALLY want to go back to Ireland to take some photos again. But not with the current Euro/ Rand exchange rate!

At these currency rates, it's Thailand all the way :)

What kind of miracles are you hoping for in the next year?


  1. Oh my friend, I need sooooo many miracles. I should actually make a list. Right now, though, I am hoping for one for you so you can get your SHINE on.

  2. WOW! Cant believe you were in Ireland twice in 11 months, that's some doing!
    Hoping something wonderful comes up for you.
    Hoping for a lot of things for myself as well. Lxx

  3. There are a few things...but none very realistic or things I can't live without. We'll see I guess. ;-)

    Love your photos - so green and pretty!

  4. Can I just say you and D have not aged AT ALL over these years??? You look exactly the same!! And what a powerful testimony! LOVE IT. I love reading back in my journals or over my prayer requests and remembering how faithful God has been.. sometimes over stuff I jotted down in silliness and forgot about but how it has come to pass..I'm praying and hoping for many things but most of all, I want my husband back home ASAP. I do believe that God is, as I write this, making a plan for us. I BELIEVE!!

  5. You'll get there, I know you will!

  6. I have lots of dreams and plans but there is only one miracle I really pray for- for my Jamie to be cancer-free for ever.

  7. How lovely! gosh and you were brave to go on a trip pregnant with twins! i never went further than Sondela


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