Tuesday, May 06, 2014

78% and 40th birthday ideas?

Well, 78% is a lot more than I thought I got around to last month.

I did put "resign" as the first goal :) to start off the month with a bang.

And then we had a holiday and a 19-year anniversary at the end so a good finish to the month.

  1. Read 9 books! Discovered TWO new Irish authors - Pauline Lawless and Claire Allan - I read two books by each, and have another 1 each on the Kindle waiting for me.
  2. Left work with grace and dignity (at least I think so)
  3. DIVINE holiday
  4. Tried two new recipes (but I can't remember them - I marked them off when I did them and now I can't even think of it....)
  5. Two friend dates
  6. Really, really good financial news
  7. Finally made an album from 2008 UK & Ireland, and 2009 Ireland holidays. For this alone I feel like a rock star :) Singapore and Australia next up!

By the way, D was the one who voted for the mountains. Cat was right. Apparently they "centre" him :) (And I did my weekend to-dos).

In other news, my blog comments are not all coming through - I only noticed when Robyn said how she liked Laura's comment on the superhero post, and then I checked emails again... nothing... so went to the actual blog. Right, there they are.

I'm also replying to some comments on the actual blog...

Right, so onto May's goals.

I have 30.... a lot of them are business-y which you're not interested in.

My main focus is to get my health and fitness back. To this end:
  1. lose 2 kgs
  2. gym 8 times and Spanish 4 times
  3. start drinking my 2 L a day again (oh, it's difficult in the cold)
  4. one extra veg/ salad serving
  5. sleep 7 hours a night (I've already fallen into bad habits of staying awake til 1 am or later, and sleeping til 8 - 9)

(hopefully 2, 3 and 4 will make 1 happen)

There are 2 months left before the babies turn 5 (FIVE!!!!!) so I need to get the photo for the invite, and 3 months exactly til my 40th, and I have no idea how to celebrate mine.

Come on, you guys, suggestions please (that will suit me and the middle of winter)....

photo by Jeanette Verster

And then I have a ton of photo goals, like the holiday photos and so on.

What's on your list for May?

Please just share 3 things in the comments... and "survive" is a perfectly legit goal :)


  1. I hear New York is pretty awesome in August, escape from the winter cold... Just saying ;)

    May list: Shed, shed, register for school (gulp!)

    1. Now that would be very irresponsible, don't you think? Thailand - YES!

  2. I love reading other peoples' ambitious goals :) And I'll be turning 40 next year, so right behind you. Haven't figured out how I want to celebrate either. Let's see, 3 things for May:

    1 - Start new part-time contract job at previous employer and figure out how to work that into life
    2 - Blog most weekdays at http://papercraftlaboratory.com/blog
    3 - Make the most of my now *shorter* time with the kids - we get home around 3:30 during the week after school/daycare. Balance that with the fact that both girls are EXHAUSTED by then.

    1. You've got the best of both worlds with your part-time contract work.

      LOL at my ambitious goals :)

  3. I need to gear up for parties too- I have one turning 15 on May 27, one turning 18! on June 4, two turning FIVE as well on June 14th... Plus Ethan's graduating high school on June 23rd. It's going to be crazy.

    1. now see, there's that "go with the flow" superpower happening - i would be FREAKING OUT! ;)

  4. Biggest goal for May is to go back to work and find a new groove with that and my two kids.


    1. aaah, all the best with that! But did you hear that, TWO KIDS?! How are we so blessed?!!!

  5. AARRRGH comment lost in cyberspace and you know I leave looooong comments. How annoying! Anyway, goals for May: Plan Hannah's birthday celebration (26 May is her birthday, and you thought you were behind with birthday planning!). Apply for kids passports. Sort out anti malaria medication. We're off to Mozambique end June. In terms of your 40th... that's why we're off to Mozambique. My brother in law turns 40 and he wanted to celebrate entering his 40's on the beach, chilled, surrounded by loved ones. We're lucky we get to go along for the ride :) My sister and her family, my parents and of course us. Can't wait!

    1. the BIL is paying for all of you?

      I would love that... in Ballito... but everyone must pay for themselves :)

  6. Yes, come to NYC for your birthday! We can start making a habit to see each other at least once a year!

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