Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gosh, what a (Mother's Day) weekend

We've had a very busy weekend.

4 things to do yesterday; 2 today (which turned out to be 3).

One of which was not the famous Joburg blog meet-up that was all over Instagram. We had a school to go see instead but yes, I was very jealous :) 

I had intentions to write about my first week of freedom but I worked on some blogs tonight and now it's time to sleep!

I did not have a "rainbows and unicorn" day despite my very clear expectations (which I think were quite low) and non-listening 4-year-olds (seriously, is there a full moon or something because they were 150% sassy the entire day!).

Nevertheless, enough has been said in the house already, we had two time-outs and lots of "that's 1".... we went to church, I had an attitude adjustment when I remembered that usually I was crying every Mother's Day and now I have babies!

And the day improved from there.

Julia, that's why I went with the family to MIL - to spend some time with them of the non-time outing variety.

Instead, I have two posts on Mother's Day for you.

Read and tell me what you think.
  1. From my friend at the Se7en + 1 blog, on real mothers. Loved this one
  2. This one from Lisa-Jo Baker (South African girl now living in the US). I'm torn over this one - loved some bits, feel incensed by other bits...
Happy Mother's Day!

Dare I ask? How was your day?


  1. It was okay...some parts great...some parts sucked terribly, but overall okay.

    Got up at 3 cause Polka wanted to play and was barking Nicola awake. I get up at 4 usually so a bit early, but oh well.

    Had breakfast and did the normal run around at home, no big whoop.

    Went to the mall to go exchange Nicola's gifted shoes for a bigger number cause she's growing like a weed. They didn't have the same type so she threw a throw down tantrum in the Naartjie store and I spent some time on my knees alternating between threatening and begging her to get out from under a clothing display and stop performing.

    Left there and shared a Cinnabon together. First she told me she doesn't want one and I'm not allowed one either. Actual words from N, "I'm warning you!" Hahaha...fuck that, I AM having it. When we were waiting at the counter she says, "What is that amazing smell?" and that's how we ended up sharing (her first one).

    Went to my parents' place for lunch. My mom had helped N to buy me some lovely slippers and bubble bath. My gran was there too but she didn't bring her ears, so after shouting conversation at her for a bit my 3am wake up caught up with me and I decided I'd rather have a nap.

    Woke up to a histerical Nicola because my brother was picking a fight with her, can't trust him to be the grown up. He called her a clown and said that her new shoes were too big and made her look like a clown (same shoes I endured the bloody tantrum for in the morning), she took offence and smacked him with a book, he took her book and wouldn't give it back. Neither of them were willing to apologise so I packed our bags and we left.

    Got home and took Polka for a walk. Got stopped along the way by a friendly neighbour for a chat. Had to stop the walk early because someone giant dog lept their fence and wanted to eat us. We might try a park next time...Nicola fell and skinned her knee and both her hands. Lots of consoling, savlon, plasters and tears.

    Got home, read 4 or 5 bedtime stories. Was told N loves me even though I'm always so angry, spent some time crying about that. Got comforted with loads of hugs and kisses...

    The end. It wasn't all bad, but I'm kind of glad it's over if you know what I mean?


      You had a bit of a day. I would be glad to have that over.

      Louisa, you are a fantastic mother even if you are angry a lot (the things they come up with!). I was told the other day I'm shouting too much. It was true...

  2. Mine was good- lots of handmade goods from the kids which I adore, breakfast in bed and lunch with my mom. but noisy non listening kids at times too!

  3. Mine was very disappointing and I had a proper strop about it, but I am over it now and will soon blog my thoughts about it. Thank you for linking to Seven's post. More food for thought for me while I ponder about my expectations of mothers day.


    1. Love the word "strop" :) you and me both, babe!

  4. I had the best day ever!....I got to springclean and throw things away that previously I was not allowed to. My perfect kind of day

    1. M, I love it!!!! That is kind-of a perfect day for me too. I love how it's not a "typical" Mother's Day though :)

  5. So I read the post from Lisa-Jo. Is the "incensed" part for you about losing ourselves? ;) I understand parts of that sentiment, in a larger, perhaps more spiritual context...but it's vital for me to have my own little corners, to stay in touch with what *I* like to do.

    I don't know if you remember this, but 2 or 3 years ago, I wrote a post for Multiples & More, about the 52 Weeks of ME challenge that Dollimama hosted. Some woman ripped me a good one, as they say, in a FB comment. I wish (at least in some ways) I could access her comment. It was really pointed, about the perils of considering "me" time. Perhaps I could have expressed myself better in the post I wrote, but she just came across as crazy in my book.

    Our girls had some sass at times yesterday, too. I am blaming the donuts Hubby got for breakfast. Even though I made scrambled eggs to balance them out, perhaps the early sugar was too much for their little systems. ;) But, like you, I always keep in perspective what Mother's Day used to be even with a side of sass, I'm super-thankful to be celebrating.

  6. I have to go back to read that post, I didn't see anything wrong in any part of the post. Se7en's post gave me a good laugh.

    I have low (more like no) expectations about these type of days. I think my hubby walks around with his eyes and ears closed because he didn't know it was Mother's Day until I mentioned it to him. I at least got three hand picked roses :) and that was the end of it!

    I doubt he even remembered to call his mom!!!

    1. I think it was the bit about mothers feeling entitled if we want to be acknowledged,etc. I agree it's not ALL about the gifts and such but I actually do work and sacrifice things that are precious to me (time) to be a good mother and I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to be celebrated for two days a year (my birthday is the other).

      I suppose because I show my love through thoughful, caring ways I expect (yes, I expect) some of that from others too.

  7. My day was very, very nice. I read that Lisa-Jo link yesterday. It's beautifully written but it incensed me all the way. I think I'm going to do a blog post about it now - I am ALL about the entitlement already!

  8. Oh and I LOVED the post from Se7en. Those are my favourite types of posts actually!

  9. Would you look at that... I am just idly reading through my feed at the end of the day and I am thinking gosh... that's a post from us!!! Thank you so much and all the fab comments from your friends!!! I think I feel another mother's day post about to explode out of my head... maybe I will contain it until next year... Oh maybe it will just splutter forth a little later when my gang is all in bed and asleep!!!

  10. I tend to have low expectations for holidays- so I'm rarely disappointed. I'm happy just to be acknowledged.

  11. I just commented on Julias post - I never realised Mothers Day evoked such emotions in people! I had a mixed day - was a rocky start but all I asked them for was to leave me alone - it did happen :)

  12. I don't have expectations on Mothers day. I usually cook a Sunday lunch for my family and they are forced to be nice to each other. This year we spent it with Wynand and Nadia and all the mothers in her family. It was a lovely day.


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