Saturday, May 24, 2014

Holiday photo-organising and the Easter photos

Guys, I did some sorting of photos this afternoon and realised I never ever posted some photos I took of the kids on Easter Sunday.

I think I was so focussed on getting the holiday photos done... and printed that I forgot about the other stuff.

The holiday album is done though.

But I should tell you this - always count the actual album pages.

I buy 200-page albums from CNA and every year (for the past three years), I use 120 photos for the big Ballito holiday and 80 photos for the other shorter holiday we have some other time during the year.

This year apparently I used 124 photos for Ballito and so I carefully culled all the Drakensberg photos down to EXACTLY 80 photos and......... when I'd already printed them out, I counted the available album pages and worked out that there was only space for 76 photos.


Anyway, then I went mad deleting another 5 so I could use a 10 X 15 project life card for the heading and have my remaining 75 photos neatly placed.

AH, I love my photo albums and for the first time (properly) the kids are REALLY into the photo albums and want to look all the time. They're fascinated with stories and photos from when they were babies... and you know I have lots of crying photos in those albums because there was a lot of crying around here, most of it from them.


Who else besides me prints actual photos for albums? 
PS remember photobooks make me crazy
PPS I'm reading my 4th Pauline Lawless now.


  1. Gorgeous pics! I need to post some Easter photos still of the kids too! Will get there soon. I'm really making an effort to take more pictures. I took a picture of my feet in my gym shoes this morning, just like you do. I will post it on Instagram shortly!

    1. YAY, can't wait to see more of your little men!

  2. Beautiful photos my friend. I love that you now call your little one's kids and not babies anymore :-)

  3. Teehee, it's a work in progress. I still write "babies" and then sometimes remember to go back and call them "kids" :)

  4. Love that last photo of the kids! SO gorgeous. I print photo's but not for albums, I print them for frames that are EVERYWHERE in my house. I also change my photo's quite often once they're up on the wall.


  5. Oh boy, do you have great pics! I could not use the DSLR so we have a few and not the greatest. But I guess its all part of the reality of the moment. And well you know I print photos.

  6. Lovely pics. I need to get the picture printing sorted. Actually I just need to get organised with photo stuff.

  7. I started making my Bacon of the Month photos into an album to be printed. We'll see how far I get LOL


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