Friday, May 30, 2014

I had a great Friendship Friday post planned... but things I love instead

but I've been party planning, wrapping up the "work" month and listening to podcasts and here we are - 11:30.


Let me rather do a quick one.

Lynette, you've given a ton of us something fun to blog about today. Thanks!

Okay, so things I love and things I don't.

I love...

  1. sleep
  2. jumping into my bed on a cold night because of my electric blanket
  3. Joko tea and when I want to treat myself, vanilla tea
  4. grey skies full of drama!
  5. Jhb sunsets
  6. gloves and scarves
  7. scrappy friends (term from Friends - friends who won't let you go)
  8. water with lemon
  9. stationery!
  10. gorgeous doors
  11. chicken breyani
  12. colour
  13. stamping in crunchy leaves
  14. key changes in songs!
  15. the beach
  16. crisp, cold air on my face in winter
  17. the exclamation mark
  18. worship
  19. the sound of rain
  20. reading, esp. Irish fiction - I particularly like it when I get to that place in a book and then it's "fend for yourself" time because I'm not putting this book down!
  21. the internet
  22. when I'm coaching or assessing at church and I ask the right question and people have that "OH MY WORD" moment = priceless
  23. I like having those moments too :)
  24. connecting with friends
  25. people who care
  26. finding the perfect-sized mug for my tea and coffee (they're different)
  27. financial freedom
  28. good hair days
  29. when I can keep up in Zumba and show those 16-year-olds :)
  30. thin days
  31. creamy pastas
  32. Doppio Zero's brie and onion marmalade pizza
  33. warm puddings with custard
  34. muffins
  35. blogging
  36. Instagram
  37. banging on and on about my passions :)
  38. taking a photo and finding out it is exactly as I saw it in real life
  39. the vibe of cities
  40. beautiful light 
  41. shadows
  42. people who aren't afraid to be vulnerable
  43. people who embrace their imperfections

Things I don't love
  1. waking up in the cold - brrrr
  3. driving more than 30 minutes
  4. mean girls
  5. rude kids
  6. when my brain goes overboard about nonsense
  7. how I have to work at my confidence after that dreadful year
  8. peas
  9. watermelon
  10. parents who don't RSVP
  11. people who butcher the poor apostrophe, their/ they're and there, and your/ you're  
  12. Twitter!
As you can see, I can go on forever. But that's enough for now!

What do you love and what don't you love?

PS obviously I love God, D, the kids, etc. That's a given.


  1. I love reading these posts and learning a bit more about my friends in the computer.

    PS: I love watermelon.

  2. Love your list, and all the pictures! :)

  3. Mmmm....I think I'm going to do a post like this for tomorrow.And I ADORE key changes in songs. Can you believe that I have never eaten at Doppio Zero? It's just a place that I never seem to get to!

  4. Oh you have a GREAT list! And yes, sleep. How could I forget sleep. And that last picture - perfection!


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