Friday, May 02, 2014

I have big plans for May

but right now is not the time to tell you about them, mainly because I haven't ordered my thoughts or made my list yet.

this is the start - there are going to be LOTS of photos of leaves over the next few months :)

We got back from our holiday away and it was super lovely to spend time with my loves and have a proper break (physically) between my job and FREEDOM.

On the drive home, I asked the three of them, "Beach or mountains?" and three said beach, one said mountains.

Can you guess who the odd one out is?

What about you... beach or mountains?

I will blog in a bit more detail WITH PHOTOS about the holiday but it was... in a word... DIVINE!

We really need lots of holidays in Jhb, don't you agree?

is this boy not the cutest thing ever? (we left a note because the other two were napping and it was golden hour!!!)

This weekend I have 5 main things on my agenda:
  1. menu plan for the week
  2. to-do list for the week
  3. two loads of laundry
  4. review April goals
  5. do May goals
What's on your list?


  1. I'm looking forward to tracking goals again (other than school ones!) with you! I am almost finished my last paper for school. I will be turning it in either tonight or tomorrow morning and then I have FREEDOM too!

  2. The odd one one might be C. I like beach views but rolling hills and mountains do it for me always - maybe because I grew up surrounded my the beach.

    List - sort out the first 6 months in pictures of K!

  3. I like both, beach and mountains. :-)

  4. D? I love both and possibly the bush just as much. They each have their own charm and tome to enjoy. But if I ever had to choose just one I guess the beach might win with a very slim margin.


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