Sunday, May 04, 2014

I'm so tired

I suspected that once I left, I'd feel extra tired because I've been running on faith, adrenaline and the grace of God for so long. And you all know how emotionally exhausting it's all been.

And yes, indeed it's hit me.

I'm sleeping about 8 - 9 hours a night, and if the opportunity presents, I still get in a nap...

That said, I made a little list today of things I'm going to do every day BEFORE blogging or reading blogs. I have some priorities:

1. my health - making proper food (salad and/ or veg in addition to the easy part), drinking enough water, exercise, sleep

2. something for my career - business/ job search/ writing book, etc.

3. something for the house - cooking/ organising/ decluttering

And of course, I'm reading. Too much actually, if such a thing exists.

I read 9 books in April and have already finished 2 in May... and we're only on the 4th.

My 5 big projects for the week ahead are:
  1. Finish re-writing the consultants manual (church course)
  2. Vote (this will probably take as much time as the first project!!!)
  3. Finish April photos - organising and back up, if I get to the printing, bonus!
  4. Business planning for May - entire blogging calendar for the month plus promotions and thoughts on generating income
  5. Write at least 6 blog posts and all 4 newsletters
(I'm not going to post the work stuff on here, at least I don't think so...)

What's on your list for this week?


  1. There's no such thing as reading too much! (or napping too much either!)

  2. Read and sleep my friend- its the best medicine. Me, just getting back into work and surviving

    1. Oh and enter my competition

  3. I have lists like this but with Emma it never seems to be as clear and neat as it looks on paper but we do sort of have our little routine - I just need to get more "money making" stuff in.

    I am determined to get a more set routine going now that the kids are back at school and all the holidays/interruptions are over!

  4. I have a few work deadlines this week, two fairwells to organise, vote and take my dad to hospital on Friday for an op. Also my house needs a bit of a scrub...whenever. And saturday I have Laura's thing on and Sunday is mother's day.

  5. The emotional and physical impact of stressful situations often catches up after the adrenaline has left the building ,so perfectly natural for you to feel the way you do. Lots and lots of self-care for you, my friend. Rest. Eat well. Drink water. Nurture.
    This week has money stuff happening and I have a meeting with the ST. Also a friend date. And a couple of work deadlines.

  6. Now that I'm done school, I can read a lot again too! Enjoy the sleep. You need it!


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