Thursday, May 15, 2014

Is there anything more beautiful than autumn?

Fair warning to my lovely readers - I am OBSESSED with the colours of autumn:

...all shades of leaves - red, yellow, brown, dirty brown, all of it!

...golden hour is MAGNIFICENT.

One evening this week I took K shopping with me "take me HOME, I'm TIRED" - don't worry, that won't be happening again anytime soon. We left our house at about 4:20 during golden hour and the light was just beautiful.

If I didn't want my fruits and veggies that badly, I would have abandoned the shop. BTW, I'm not impressed with PnP online shopping. My bill should have been R720; it was R496. All the missing stuff was my fresh produce, some yoghurts and bread. The essentials around here.

Connor was in a strop (Sam, I'm taking your word!) because we took too long (!) so the next afternoon I took him with me to Eastgate to exchange some stuff. We drove home during sunset and MAN, our sunsets are amazing. He was all "MUMMY, take a picture quickly." "I can't, Boy, I'm driving" but yes, so beautiful you can't stop gasping.

... seriously, we have the BEST sunsets! All that smog is good for something.

(I hesitate only slightly to admit this but I now have a sunsets folder for photos - 20 photos just from Jan - April and MAY is when we get the best sunsets... trust me, I remember previous years' photos very fondly)

Bedford Centre rooftop

Connor and I have promised ourselves a golden hour photowalk sometime this weekend.

What do you most enjoy about autumn?


  1. Definitely the colours. I love that you can have the coloured leaves but still have green grass. I really don't like the look of grass in winter.

  2. Oh you speak to my heart with these photos! I love a beautiful sunset/sunrise, just something in there that brings peace over my heart...

  3. Absolutely soul food

  4. In PE the leaves just turn brown and spectacular colours at all. I usually like autumn because the wind isn't blowing all the time...but this year winter has come early and it is blimming cold.

  5. The colours ans the leaves. But thats about it

  6. I love everything about autumn - milder temps, the colours - brown leaves and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets

  7. I love the leaves that fall from the tree's that we can play in, the SUNSETS, the super CRISP blue skies....



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