Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Party planning (for 3 of us) is in full swing!

A few things first:

1. I'm answering questions in the comments these days... unless of a very personal nature. Some of you asked about the mother's day article - go have a look in the comments.

2.Please don't feel guilty about your food choices after yesterday's post! Please!!! I wrote the supper one already but now I feel like I shouldn't post it and instead just send it to Laura :)

3. I'm finally all on Outlook 2013 (transferred from Thunderbird which was extremely time-consuming). My work laptop had Outlook 2010 so I'm still finding my way around which is uncomfortable and SLOW. Thankfully, I worked VERY late last night and I now only have 49 again :( (it was at 28 this morning). I said that to say don't feel bad if you don't get an answer as things are going into the wrong folders (!) like I have some of these blog comments in my general email which is driving me mad. Right.

last year's Mother's Day tea at the school. The tea happens this Friday and I have to make a hat!


So I'm in party planning mode over here.

This afternoon I was "Pinteresting" (like Googling) food ideas and tonight after Spanish dancing, I searched etsy (about 15 pages worth) for party printable ideas.

Such fun but so time-consuming it could be a full-time job. :)

(I actually only have the willpower for my own kids; I'd never want to make this a business or anything.)

Tomorrow I'll make a list of what I want, what I know/ have and will just look for very specific ideas or enlist the help of the Mandys, both of whom are very creative! (Mandys, be warned!)

I love autumn way too much!
  1. theme
  2. activities
  3. clothes for kids
  4. party bags

To do
  1. Decide on a party printable pack
  2. Tomorrow I'm hauling out all party cups/ plates/ dishes of a certain colour to see if I have enough. That will help me decide on the printables because my shortlist has two different coloured themes.
  3. Invite!!!

I'm about 95% decided what I want for my birthday. It's going to cost money but what the heck - that's what savings are for, right?! 

How are you doing? Are you enjoying the weather?

PS At some point I should write about how I'm enjoying being at home because I am. Today the kids played school. Connor was the teacher (Mr Brownley) and Kendra was "Elizabeth". It's FAR too cute and I find myself very distracted listening to their goings-on.


  1. Pls pls pls post the dinner one too! It won't be complete ;) ;)

    I am surprised people feel bad reading those kind of things. I use it to learn from others. But anyway that's me.

    You do plan good parties so I am sure these parties will not be any different! Let's just say pin.terest is a time stealer!

  2. Please post the blog. Think of your post as an inspiration to the rest of us. Your post prompted me to think a bit about the way Mothers look at other Mothers (well sort of, I am not that articulate)

  3. Between playing school / doctor / mummy&daddy, they have me in STITCHES with their different scenarios. When they play school, they take turns to be the principal and teacher and all the dolls and teddies are the kids!

  4. Good luck with the planning. N has hinted that were looking and a combo between iron man or ballerinas...also camping. Huh? Even I can't make something coherent out of that. Luckily she has until September to nail it down, cause that's when I start planning her circus. ;-)

  5. You have to post the dinner one now as well, you CANNOT leave us hanging!

    Looking forward to hearing all about being home, seeing the parties come to fruition etc


  6. Oh please post the dinner one! and the boys are already planning theirs- lego/ ninja turtles/superheroes. No prize for guessing which one I am routing for

  7. I think you should post the dinner one :)

    Jacks birthday is in a month - we have a theme and that's that! I need to get focused (I am considering paying you in vanilla coffee and green apples to be my life coach).

    I am enjoying the weather - lots of soups happening here which I LOVE :)

  8. Happy party planning. I get tired just thinking of it. I am so glad I only have to worry about the big milestones now. DH will be 60 next year...Oh my.

  9. Hee hee! Bring it on! :) :)

    And I can only dream your birthday plans are a trip to NYC to meet up with the Mandys again??? ;) Please??!!!

    1. I second this comment!!
      I'd love to help. I just made up ham's invites and miss party planning. The girls aren't having a party this year, I prefer going away and so do they. I think this might be my last year of this luxury!

      So when in August are we going?


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